How Do I Add a Vehicle to My AAA Insurance?


The AAA provides auto insurance, renters, homeowners, and life and homeowners insurance. They also offer roadside assistance. AAA’s insurance agents are certified to assist you in choosing the best policy. They also will inform you about discounts that might be available to you.

Adding a car to your insurance is typically straightforward and won’t increase the rates significantly. However, there are some elements that can raise your rates.

Include a vehicle in your insurance policy.

You may add a vehicle to your AAA insurance policy at any time. However, make sure you speak to one of our representatives prior to making any modifications. They will be able to provide you with information about your options in terms of coverage and assist you in selecting the right policy to meet your requirements. You’ll need to supply the model and make of your vehicle, the VIN number, and other information that can be used to identify the car. Additionally, you’ll require a declaration form from your current insurance policy to prove evidence of coverage. It is possible to save money by acquiring an automobile and using our car rental, home, and renters insurance discounts.

Add a driver to your policy.

If you are planning to allow someone to drive your vehicle for an extended amount for a long time period, it’s recommended to include them in your insurance policy. This could consist of a guest child sitter, a babysitter or an unlicensed driver allowed to drive your car at times. In certain instances, you might have to pay a fee; however, it’s worth checking with your insurance provider to determine how you can save by incorporating them into your insurance policy.

The procedure is relatively easy and can be completed by contacting an insurance company or company or by logging into your insurance policy via your insurer’s site or mobile application (if they offer these options). The majority of insurance firms will give you confirmation of coverage as soon as you have made the change, usually via email.

Many of the major auto insurers, such as Geico as well as State Farm, allow you to add driver insurance by calling them or going to the local office. If you reside in a state that is legal to do this, also it is possible to add an additional driver for your insurance policy by using the internet or via a mobile application.

Along with requesting details regarding the driver, the insurance provider will also want to know what nature and amount of coverage you’d like to include. They may also inquire about the use of the vehicle, for example, the frequency of use for commuting or, in the case of a retired driver who doesn’t travel often. You may also want to know the odometer’s reading as well as any other information that might affect the price.

The addition of a vehicle to an existing policy

The addition of a car to your existing insurance policy is easy and could save you money. But, there are a few factors to be aware of prior to making this decision. The first step is to determine if the multi-vehicle insurance is suitable for you and your family. You might also have to figure out the type of insurance you wish to buy for your new car.

If you are adding a new vehicle to your insurance plan, it is necessary to give your insurance company details about the car, such as the model and make. Also, you will need to give the number of your vehicle identification (VIN) which is located on the title of the vehicle registration card, title or window sticker. Some companies may also request mileage and odometer readings. This is because certain insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with low mileage.

In addition, in addition, you must give your insurance company your driver’s license as well as your personal identification. This is legally required to prove the insurance coverage you have. Additionally, certain insurance companies will require a copy of the declaration page.

Many insurance companies have a toll-free number that customers are able to contact all day, seven days a week. Additionally, certain insurance companies offer online systems that allow you to manage your policy during weekends.

A vehicle can be added to an already existing insurance policy.

If you’re an existing AAA member and you recently bought a brand-new car, it is important to include it in your insurance. It will ensure the insurance is in place and prevent an insurance lapse. It is possible to do this by contacting your insurance agent or through your company’s online portal or mobile application, if applicable. The procedure will differ depending on the insurance company, but it is generally straightforward.

When you have the information for your vehicle in hand, you’ll need to fill out the form below to include it in your insurance policy. The form will ask for the driver’s details and an explanation of the vehicle. You’ll also have to indicate the type and extent of insurance coverage you’d like to insure the car. You might need to submit an odometer number, as certain insurers offer discounts to drivers who have low mileage. You may also decide to notify your lienholder or leasing company if your vehicle is being used to finance.

Be aware that adding a car to your insurance policy could raise your premium based on the kind of vehicle and the amount of coverage you select. Make sure that you select sufficient coverage that meets the minimum requirements of your state and look at other options, like increasing your deductible in order to reduce your costs. Be aware that certain insurance providers restrict the number of cars which can be covered on one policy.


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