XXII wants to promote French-style artificial intelligence

The publisher specializing in the automated analysis of video images has just entered into a partnership with two prestigious schools in order to contribute to the development of Deeptech by better matching artificial intelligence training to market needs and promoting the French approach. in the field.

At the forefront of research in many fields, France aims to become a “Deeptech Nation”, that is to say a country that could disrupt the situation and develop its economy with breakthrough innovation.

An ambitious program has even been entrusted to the armed wing of the government, Bpifrance, which was granted the sum of 1.3 billion euros in 2019 to carry out its Deeptech plan over 5 years. In 2021, its budget was reassessed at 2 billion and many other related initiatives have supplemented the government system to transform France into “a land of deeptech”.

It is in this context that XXII, publisher of a software platform allowing real-time analysis of video streams from cameras, has just announced a partnership with Aivancity Paris-Cachan (a hybrid school built around the triptych Artificial Intelligence, Business and Ethics) and the famous engineering school Mines Paris-PSL.
Objective: to develop the talents of the AI ​​of tomorrow by raising students’ awareness from the outset of responsible use of these technologies and to bring out breakthrough innovations in the service of major contemporary challenges.


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More specifically, the partnership with Aivancity will give rise to two new modules created by XXII experts on the operational specificities of Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on the ethical approach.

On the Mines Paris-PSL side, the partnership takes the form of XXII interventions within the “Disruptive technologies of the future & scientific challenges” of the Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship Deeptech and Innovation. The editor’s collaborators will also bring their expertise, both on the programs and their adequacy to market needs and in the selection of candidates until they obtain their diplomas.

Souheil Hanoune – Chief Technical Officer, R&D Director and partner of XXII. © XXII

“With the France Relance 2030 plan and the government’s recent efforts towards DeepTech, France’s political and economic ‘backwardness’ in terms of AI is about to be a thing of the past. Proof of our scientific and technical excellence, for decades, French AI profiles have been exported internationally without difficulty! However, there is now a significant delay in the way of understanding AI within training courses in France. Our mission is to bring AI out of pure research and we are proud to come and concretely collaborate in this upswing alongside aivancity and Mines Paris-PSL”, says Souheil Hanoune, Chief Technical Officer, R&D Director and partner of XXII.

Beyond support for Deeptechs, this partnership also meets the needs of CIOs as the shortage of AI skills is hampering the development and deployment of many AI projects in companies.


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