“With our solution and its AI, we are able to reduce the time spent in trauma emergencies by up to 30%”

What’s new doc: What is the concept of Incepto?

Antoine Jomier: Incepto is a 4-year-old company, founded in 2018 by a radiologist: Gaspard d’Assiginies. We want to accelerate access to innovative solutions, to understand the issues and to facilitate their use in France. Currently more than 100 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers have access to a dozen applications that change care in the screening of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular pathologies.

What does this fundraising of 27 million represent and what projects do you intend to carry out?

AD: The last fundraiser was in 2019. We aimed to show that our concept worked in France.

At first we had no paying customers and now we have 150 customers in France, a recurring turnover with significant growth.

Building on this success in France, this fundraising will allow us to finance the international development of the platform and the opening of a legal entity in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal with what makes the DNA and the success of Incepto: local teams deeply rooted in the field, close to hospitals and clinics, which accompany them on the installation of applications, which carry out commercial prospecting, installation and deployment in hospital departments , application support to take full measure and the organizational impact of all these systems.

We have 100,000 patients in France per month, we would like to reach a European level of one million European patients per month.

What is the daily added value of Incepto for a radiologist in his practice?

AD: Many people are interested in AI in imaging, there are a lot of research teams, start-ups. But of the work carried out, there is none that has gone as far as regulatory marking and then distributed in all the services in France. This is where Incepto comes in. We keep a watchful eye on subjects that are clinically mature, products that are ready, that is to say with clinical performance and at a level where they can be distributed.

We evaluate the value brought, the clinical papers that support it, when all the indicators are green we can integrate it into our platform. For example in the emergency department, we have startups like Glow which helps in the detection of fractures. In the field of breast cancer, we have an application of screen dot with regulatory marking and a product called Transparent. We distributed it in about fifty private imaging centers active in breast cancer screening in France. We take care of the daily use for clinics, the legal and economic value in terms of subscription that today all customers have subscribed. Incepto has this translational role of moving from a very research, product innovation, start-up world to distribution, routine use. There is a whole work of installation, initiation and creation of confidence around its new devices and their organizational impact.

For a subscription, the platform and two/three applications, it takes between 2,000 and 4,000 euros per month.

What is your part ?

We have clients on both sides, one client which is the hospital and the imaging department. We help him with his clinical needs. Our other clients are start-ups. We are an essential brick to be able to start the markets. We really took a step ahead in France. There is no equivalent in other countries. We are the pioneers. Only 3-4 players are positioned on this market in the world.

Are the hospitals coming to you or are you the ones who canvass?

AD: Both. Word of mouth is now very strong. For example, we have improved the reading of fractures in the emergency department of the University Hospital of Rennes. On the course of taking care of patients on minor traumatology and traumatology, we manage to reduce the time spent in the emergency room by 30 to 40%. All private and public emergency services are in the process of equipping themselves with this solution.

Which University Hospitals are you currently working with?

AD: We work with the University Hospital of Rennes, Poitiers, Montpellier, AP-HP, large private imagery groups, Groupe 3R, France IMAGERY… We are seen as an aggregator to select the right use cases . We support the deployment, we explain to the medical teams why it makes sense, why this solution, the benefit in the management or coordination of care.

What is the cost ?

AD: There is a subscription to the platform which manages all the integration in the hospital network and the interoperability

for all applications. We have fifteen applications available. Generally hospitals and clinics start with 2-3 applications. For a subscription, the platform and two/three applications, it takes between 2,000 and 4,000 euros per month.

Lately, there are problems with hacking medical data, is your system protected?

AD: The whole system works in the Cloud so there are very strong cybersecurity issues. In our service offer, it is a unique point, we take this responsibility. It’s one of the services we provide. This has a lot of impact in university hospitals. There is only one weak point, whereas if they contracted with all these companies independently that would make 10 connections with potentially ten weak points.

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