Who was DJ Missill, figure of the electronic scene who died at 41

Feminist and environmentalist, DJ Missill was also known, beyond her artistic activity, for her activism in favor of women and ecology. His song, Climate changeis where his passions are united with his commitments. DJ Missill has demonstrated that she has taken an unconditional oath of allegiance to herself and to the various causes for which she campaigns. Who was the DJ and what were his best recordings? How DJ Missill wanted to change the world with his music and how his story unfortunately ended in 2022? Find the answers in the rest of our portrait.

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For artists who make electronic music a specialty, it is often a question of working in front of a large base of admirers since the sounds used attract an audience. However, DJ Missill was not one of the most famous French disc jockeys who knew how to continue the sound revolution of Jean-Michel Jarre. If the public knows the secret of DJ Snake’s glasses, DJ Missill was rather known for having tried to make electronic music committed. DJ Missil, before her death, believed in the power of sounds and frequencies which, according to her, can transform the negative emotions of listeners through positive waves, and which can thus change the world.

Introducing DJ Missill

Nickname DJ Missill
Date of Birth July 4, 1980
Nationality french
Eye colour black
Hair color black

The biography of DJ Missill: his birth and the development of his passion

DJ Missile
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In the early 1980s, several decades before the popularization of amapiano, electronic music was beginning to conquer the world, and it was at this time that DJ Missill came into this world. After a few years, the one who was born Émilie Adeline Talieu on July 4, 1980 in Carcassonne, was going to be able to develop one of her greatest passions, namely, music and it was not long before she dreamed of being a DJ. . Before being known by her stage name of DJ Missil, Émilie Adeline Talieu already won the inspirations from which she would make a unique style of composition.

Full Name Emilie Adeline Talieu
Genre women
Place of birth in Carcassonne
Astrological sign Cancer

In the midst of all her influences, the young woman would gain some notoriety through graffiti. Indeed, a fan of hip-hop, rock, or even dance-hall, the young Émilie Adeline Talieu found herself in the middle of a new wave of counter-culture that would take up the themes of previous generations in their arts. It was during the 1990s that the one who would be known by her nickname of DJ Missill was a graffiti artist. In addition, the effects of Japanese culture would also be apparent in the music that the young woman would create under her stage name of DJ Missil.

DJ Missile
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The journey of DJ Missill: the evolution of his music after two recorded albums

Known as a DJ, Émilie Adeline Talieu had nevertheless begun to practice art by doing graffiti, such as by creating the poster for the trans-musical meetings in Rennes in 2005. At that time, Émilie Adeline Talieu was already very experienced as a DJ and as a graffiti artist. She began her musical career in 2000 with several collaborations, such as artists Horace Andy, Vitalic and Alain Bashung. Electro world was the expression by which DJ Missill wanted his music to be described, and this, for several reasons including his diversified influences.

Activity musician; dj
Albums Targets (2008); Kawaii (2010)
Singles and EPs Pepin (2008); Before (2008); Illegal Horny (2009)

DJ Missill continued her collaborations for almost ten years, and she practiced her passion with as much joy in playing as courage in creating. In 2008, the artist collected a large number of techniques that were used during the recording of his first album. Glitch marked an important period in DJ Missil’s career, and at that time, his techniques were well enough mastered, both for recording and performing on stage. DJ Missill was to chain the success of his appearances, until 2010, the year of the release of his second album kawaii.

DJ Missile
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DJ Missill in the early 2000s: his influences and his first collaborations

The most famous artists of the beginning of the century gained notoriety in particular thanks to the media coverage of their works, but for our character, art was more than a simple commodity. Whether in his graffiti works or in his music, it was impossible for DJ Missill to become as famous as some musicians whose style can be adopted by a large part of the public. The genres borrowed by DJ Missil in his art, throughout the 2000s, expressed his vision of the world and his respective influences.

DJ Missill at the end of the 2000s: the release of his first album named Targets

It is true that our artist was late before releasing her first album, but the young woman was not unemployed, especially since she practiced her art while gaining new influences. In his album whose recording was finished in 2008, DJ Missill continued to make new collaborations, like with Junior Red, or others, but while producing a coherent sound throughout the album. After that, and despite having released his first album, DJ Missill was not going to stop drawing new influences through new discoveries and collaborations.

DJ Missill in the early 2010s: his music after the second album kawaii

The artist works by creating new sounds, with sonorities typical of his art, but at the same time, this one expresses his vision of this world in his recordings. The name of the album demonstrates the effect of the influences of Japanese culture on the work of DJ Missill. Thanks to his recordings, DJ Missill was able to have success during several performances in different places far from his hometown of Carcassonne. DJ Missill was to gain more fame, but unlike many artists who preferred to bet on novelty, this one always remained true to her influences.

DJ Missile
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DJ Missill’s commitments: the causes she fought for

Our artist, thanks to his work, was able to win the admiration of many people who listen to electronic music. Her notoriety would go beyond this medium when she collaborated with other artists, but DJ Missill always tried to draw attention to the causes she defended. Indeed, DJ Missill has been as faithful to her previous influences as to the ideas that have engaged her since the beginning of her musical journey in the 2000s.

causes feminism; ecology
Memberships female collective O’Sisters

The ideas that the artist defends are part of his life and his work, and this one is also inspired by them to title his pieces. In some titles recorded by DJ Missill, the defense of the environment was the main subject. In others, the struggle for gender equality was the central theme. DJ Missill was able to continue, with as much success as the will to continue and to expect more listeners, and thus chained the performances, in which she could reach new admirers, in spite of few recorded albums.

The feminist activism of DJ Missill: her fight for the emancipation of women

The defense of women’s rights was part of the artist’s daily life, and for this, she could only demonstrate an influence in her recordings. The feminist activist has gone even further by uniting with other women in and outside the arts community to create a collective for the defense of women’s rights. The female collective O’Sister was the union of several artists and other women from all over the world, whose goal was to spread positive messages of emancipation, unity and solidarity to all women.

The environmental activism of DJ Missill: his fight for the restoration of the environment

In addition to her feminist activism, the artist was known for her fight for ecology, and her piece about global warming is an example of this fight that she had been leading for years. Also, DJ Missill was smart in her choice of festivals in which she played, out of respect for nature and in order to continue her fight for the restoration of the environment. The musician expressed a great will, in particular, by fighting for one of the most important causes of this century.

DJ Missile
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The death of DJ Missill: the causes of his tragic disappearance in 2022

Before his death, the artist was considered one of the great stars of electronic music in France, and this one was able to leave a legacy and transmit its influences to new generations of DJs. His world electro would be very successful with the public, and his creations would inspire new musicians, until his death in Carcassonne due to cancer. On June 13, 2022 DJ Missile is no more, and his loss would cause a great void in the electronic music scene in France.

Date of death June 13, 2022
Place of death in Carcassonne
Cause of death cancer
Age at death 41 years

DJ Missill lost her fight against cancer at the age of 41, a disease she had discovered earlier, but which had not prevented her from pursuing her career as a musician and practicing her passion. After her death, several musicians of different genres and different generations paid tribute to the deceased. DJ Missill was a character true to her ethics, and for that she was respected by a large fan base and her loss would sadden her last for a long time.

The facts to know

  1. DJ Missill was born Émilie Adeline Talieu on July 4, 1980 in Carcassonne.
  2. DJ Missill was one of the great figures of electronic music in France.
  3. DJ Missill produced two albums during her career as a musician.
  4. DJ Missill has also been known as a graffiti artist.
  5. DJ Missill lost his battle with cancer in June 2022.
  6. DJ Missill died in her hometown of Carcassonne.
  7. DJ Missill received several tributes after his tragic passing.

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