which countries are the most affected by the risk of flooding?

Following a study published a few months ago, a media published a very telling infographic. The document makes it possible to precisely visualize the percentage of the population of each country in the world affected by floods. The main observation is the following: most Asian countries face great risks.

For a global view of the risk of flooding

From main disastrous consequences climate change, we find the floods. In January 2022, Indonesia declared that work on its new capital had begun. Indeed, the current capital Jakarta will in a few years be abandoned in favor of Nusantara, on the island of Borneo. Quite a symbol.

Although many cities are known to be highly prone to flooding – such as Bangkok, Venice or Tehran -, it is not not easy to have a global vision populations at risk. The media visual capitalist has published an infographic providing insight into this phenomenon, a document based on data from a study published in June 2022 in the journal Nature and commissioned by the World Bank.

The infographic shows, for each country, the percentage of the population at risk of flooding. The five countries most at risk are, unsurprisingly, the Netherlands (59%), Bangladesh (58%), Vietnam (46%), Egypt (41%) and Burma (40%) .

To view the full infographic, click HERE.
Credits: Visual Capitalist

Asia mainly concerned

The document does not just provide information on the countries most at risk. Indeed, insofar as the countries do not have the same population in terms of quantity, it is incumbent to observe the data from another angle. Thus, the floods concerning Bangladesh – the second country most at risk (58%) – affect about 95 million people. However, China, occupying “only” 21st place in the ranking of the countries most at risk (27.5%), it sees almost 395 million of its nationals exposed to the phenomenon. For India, the same observation with 389 million people exposed (27.7% – 19th place).

In addition, Southeast Asia is the most affected region, totaling no less than 1.24 billion people affected by the risk of flooding. In addition to India and China, the 25 countries most at risk include many Asian states such as Vietnam (3rd), Burma (4th), Laos (6th), Cambodia (7th), Thailand (11th ), Nepal (14th), the Philippines (16th), Japan (17th) and Indonesia (23rd).

Finally, if the human toll of floods is obviously the most important, the question of costs is also a source of questioning. In 2021, droughts, floods and storms caused economic losses for a total of $224.2 billion in the world. This sum is practically twice as large as the annual average for the period 2001-2020, namely 117.8 billion dollars.

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