When AI shapes the new customer experience

Artificial intelligence is now acclaimed by many players, all sectors combined, to give new impetus to customer relations. Thus, the number of cases of applications of AI solutions continues to grow and develop in different formats (chatbots, callbots, analysis of messages and emotions, etc.). It should also continue to develop, particularly through automation and smart data management projects. More than ever, 2022 has highlighted an innovation that has become mature and actionable in the service of businesses and whose ROI is no longer to be proven.

A democratization of AI in all areas of the company

Exit the multiplication and abuse of POC (Proof Of Concept) to display a technological “hype”. Even if AI is often considered to be overhyped, it has come out of the innovation laboratories of companies to find real utility within the professions. Industrialized, it serves the growth objectives of the latter, such as the challenges of improving the working conditions of contact center employees. Without replacing them but by relieving them of low value-added tasks, AI assists and augments agents in search of context, to better serve the consumer experience.
In this perspective, an Odigo – Davies Hickman survey conducted among more than 1000 companies on a European scale1 reveals that for business leaders, customer service is at the top of the businesses most interested in AI-based solutions and innovations. Customer service thus increases from 33% interest to 40% in 2022. This significant increase also affects IT services (38%), sales and marketing (36%). The enthusiasm is such that, among companies that have not yet deployed a solution, more than six out of ten companies responding to the survey say they want to invest in AI for the customer experience in the next two years. These solutions are also recognized as critical and vital for 9% of respondents and important for 53%, in the success of their activities. The economic impact is real and the usefulness for the professions manifest.

AI, a growth accelerator

The ROI of artificial intelligence in contact centers has already been proven. If doubts remained about the success of sculpins, proven callbot applications have, among other things, demonstrated their usefulness. They are now increasingly deployed within organizations. Of the 74% of European companies that have invested in AI solutions for customer experience, 89% said they had succeeded in improving their customer experience, 27% very successfully, 62% with some success. One of the variations of AI – NLP, which processes linguistic data to give it meaning – makes it possible to extract information from a conversation and interpret it. The conversational agent, beyond offering a self-service solution for customers, is able to unclog the contact center through better qualification (detection of intentions, IS interaction) before routing and offer directly to the agent of contextualized response elements. The survey also reveals that decision makers consider that they still have many areas for improvement in their contact centers. They thus identify AI as decisive in improving customer retention and satisfaction.

AI is now recognized as a key element of any transformation process, especially in the customer experience sector. AI will in fact make it possible to decompartmentalize the organization and promote the reinvention of processes. Applied to automation (self-service), to the enrichment of the context for a better customer and employee experience, it turns out to be, in many cases, a fundamental lever for growth.

[1] Online survey conducted for Odigo of 1,035 business leaders by Davies Hickman Partners in June 2022, in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

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