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Already well versed in the use of electronic invoicing, large retailers must prepare for the arrival of new constraints. Changes that primarily impact CIOs.

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Large-scale distribution, a precursor to the use of dematerialized invoicing, is strongly impacted by the electronic invoicing reform. The obligation of e-invoicing modifies its invoicing circuits. As for e-reporting, a real novelty of the reform, the collection of data to establish declarations represents a project in its own right. The CIOs of large retailers must anticipate the IT implications
reform today.

Large retailers are distinguished by the large volumes of commercial data to be collected and processed as part of the electronic invoicing reform: numerous points of sale, thousands of checkouts every day, a high number of supplier invoices received daily .

E-reporting flows complete the billing information transmitted to the tax authorities by e-invoicing flow, i.e.:

  • sales of goods and services with individuals (BtoC),
  • sales and purchases of goods and services with commercial partners abroad, intra-Community and extra-Community,
  • payment data for invoices for which VAT is payable upon collection.

Automate data collection and consolidation

To collect all the data necessary for e-reporting over time, the IT departments will therefore be required to set up the reporting of data to the administration, the automation of the collection of the information necessary in each point of sale, in each ERP, in each accounting.

Then, once the quality controls have been carried out, they will have to transpose them into new formats approved by the administration and consolidate them into a single statement per establishment.

Unification of electronic invoicing circuits

Until then, large retailers had deployed various electronic invoicing solutions for their suppliers: EDI to the GS1 standard (EDIFACT), Intranet portals on which suppliers submit their invoices in PDF format, LAD-RAD solutions for electronically signed invoices received by email….

The reform will require the exchange of invoices in structured electronic format to the detriment of paper and PDF. It provides two possibilities for transmitting invoices to a customer: via the Public Billing Portal (PPF) – but only in one of the formats retained by the administration (Factur-X, CII XML or UBL) – or via a Dematerialization Platform Partner (PDP).

In this second case, it will always be possible to use the EDIFACT format. Investments made by suppliers and major retailers are thus preserved and the flows in place preserved. It should be noted that in addition, the PDP is responsible for providing the PPF with a copy of the invoice, the only real addition to the existing e-invoicing circuit.

Thus, the direct circuits from suppliers to buyers are replaced by an electronic invoicing circuit that must pass through Dematerialization Platforms or the Public Portal. PDPs will support the automatic integration of supplier invoices via software connectors and transformation steps, as dematerialization operators can do today.

Be in control of your schedule

Large distribution is a sector that is already well established in electronic invoicing. The reform will have a fairly moderate impact on principals already massively practicing e-invoicing. This should not prevent them from thinking right now about choosing their PDP.

Conversely, e-reporting will have a greater impact on the organization. Internal projects on the availability and quality of the data to be provided to the Tax Administration are therefore to be launched today. Suppliers will be, depending on their size, more impacted by the gradual disappearance of PDF and paper. They will have the obligation to quickly implement the digitization of their invoicing process, with here again, the vital choice of a PDP to be made as soon as possible.

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