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The disposable electronic cigarette is on the rise, especially among young people. Unlike a classic product

it can only be used once because you can neither replace the resistance nor recharge the clearomiser with e-liquid. Explanations.

What are the characteristics of a disposable e-cigarette?

Often called a puff, the disposable e-cigarette consists of three elements:

  • batteries
  • a cartridge filled with liquid and equipped with a resistor
  • an electronic protection module

The product operates automatically and requires no maintenance. It is used exactly like a conventional vaper, that is to say, you just have to suck in to generate steam. When all the liquid has been used up, all you have to do is throw it away and get another one.

What are the advantages of the disposable puff?

This type of e-cigarette is perfect for beginners. The puff is very easy to use and allows you to quickly become familiar with the vape and easily discover different sensations. It is economical compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes and can be a real asset when you want to quit smoking.

Another advantage is that this type of vaper allows you to try a wide variety of tastes. Cookieschewing gum, iced lycheecoconut ice cream, almost anything goes. You can also choose it with or without nicotine or with CBD. At the beginning, we can therefore try out various experiences before defining the ones that suit us best. Regarding nicotine, you should know that a puff contains only nicotine salt, a less spicy version, and that in France, the rate can be 10 or 20mg / ml.

A puff generally allows between 300 and 500 puffswhich corresponds to 30 to 50 cigarettes. To know its lifespan, it is therefore necessary to make a small calculation compared to the number of cigarettes that we used to smoke each day.

A product that saves money

According to taste, the price of a puff generally varies between 5 and 10 €which is much more advantageous economically than a pack of cigarettes. The product therefore allows you to start vaping and benefit from tailor-made experiences without breaking the bank. The disposable electronic cigarette is also much healthier than tobacco (it is estimated to be 95% less dangerous).

Often, smokers who want to quit tobacco are hesitant to switch to vaping because of the relatively high cost of a vape kit and the e-liquids that go with it. In this case, the disposable puff is an excellent solution since you only have to pay a few euros to be able to try. This allows you to know quickly and without investing too much if this method of weaning is the right one or not.

Whether you want to find a solution to quit smoking or give up your classic electronic cigarette, the puff can be an excellent solution, both practical and fun. At Liquideo Station we find a wide range of products with innovative tastes and ultra-simple to use. It’s time to get started!

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