VMware announces the opening of an AI research and innovation center in Montreal

The Californian company VMware announced in early October the opening of the research and innovation center VMware Next G-AI, within Centech and ETS in Montreal. The Center will bring together VMware’s multi-cloud infrastructure, advanced networks and modern application development expertise with the latest emerging Cloud Native development techniques, AI and ML technologies. This center is part of the TETRA initiative which aims to build sustainable and human-centric 6G technologies.

The TETRA initiative, also named Digital Equity Grid Innovation, was launched by VMware in November 2021 in partnership with Mitacs, a nonprofit that encourages industry-academia partnerships, to drive applied research in sustainable grid areas. , digital equity and clean technologies.

The initiative included the creation of a TETRA research and innovation (R&I) center in Montreal, in partnership with the IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI), a technical community of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ) the world’s largest technical professional organization advancing technology for the benefit of mankind.

Kit Colbert, CTO of VMware, said at the launch of the initiative

“The path to 6G requires a fundamental redesign of the Internet into an open network, accessible from anywhere and delivering immersive applications to everyone. This requires a significant advancement of physical and digital systems through broad partnerships and true cross-industry collaboration. Our partnership with Mitacs aims to advance this progress, keeping sustainability and digital equity at the heart of our work. »

The Next G-AI research and innovation center

The center supports three connected programs:

  • Applied research : In partnership with Mitacs, VMware is working with researchers across Canada to develop sustainable 5G and 6G technologies, improve digital equity, and reshape the Internet into an open network.
  • The G-AI research and innovation laboratory: The Research and Innovation Lab provides researchers and industry partners with access to state-of-the-art software and hardware that allows them to rapidly validate and demonstrate key concepts.
  • Modern Application Software Factory: VMware Tanzu Modern Software Factory provides VMware customers and partners with access to VMware Tanzu solutions and open source technologies. The offering will include Spring and .Net development expertise and tools, developer accelerators, an automated container build service, support for any Kubernetes-compliant runtime, and the ability to build, run, and manage software supply chains that deliver on the 5S promise (speed, stability, savings, security, scalability).

Through partnerships with Mitacs, Centech, and IEEE, VMware will also provide selected researchers and startups with access to the Next G-AI Innovation Lab and the Modern Application Software Factory.

Partnership with the Centech incubator to support Montreal startups

Through VMware Tanzu Modern Applications Software Factory, select partners and startups associated with Centech will have free access to Tanzu solutions and open source technology. This set of enterprise and platform-independent tools will allow participants to learn how to create, deliver and manage cloud-native applications designed to run on any Kubernetes on-premises, in the public cloud or edge environments.

Richard Chenier, CEO of Centech, says:

“Access to VMware Tanzu technology is an incredible advantage for our entrepreneurs. Access to these powerful tools will allow startups to rapidly deploy modern applications, dramatically accelerating time to market and enabling them to be deployed in any environment. »

A competition to bridge the digital divide

VMware, Mitacs and the IEEE Future Networks Initiative also announced the first Canada-specific award category in the IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge, which seeks innovative solutions for universal and affordable Internet access.

Mary Ward-Callan, Director General, Technical Activities, IEEE, explains:

“The Internet is a critical access point to education, economic opportunity, and health information and services. However, nearly half the world is still offline. Through our partnership with VMware and Mitacs, we seek to work with Canadian competitors interested in tackling this critical humanitarian issue. »

The 2023 IEEE Challenge will begin next spring, including the challenge specifically dedicated to Canadian researchers jointly developed by the IEEE, VMware and Mitacs.

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