Vendée: its melodies seduce the Buddha bar, an institution of electronic music

Pascal Posadilla aka Casha in his studio. ©Journal des Sables

A resident of Sables d’Olonne got into music and got noticed by one of the hippest establishments in Paris.

The Buddha Bar, located in the eighth arrondissement, is an institution of the electronic music since 1996. He publishes his 24e compilation made by the famous DJ Ravin and affiliated with theat the George V record label. 5000 copies are sold in France. The titles are also available via listening platforms. A zen electro that makes you travel! This is the hallmark of the Buddha Bar. And the music of a resident of Sables-d’Olonne appears in this nugget.

In this case, the music of Pascal Posadilla. Sales manager in IT and former music programmer at the Casino des Pins, he got into music during the first confinement. MAO (computer-assisted music) has become his new occupation.

An atypical story

His friend, Alain, is an admirer of his musical works which he wishes to make better known. Among his relations is a member of the Buddha Bar team, to whom he offers to broadcast five pieces of Pascal. The latter adds one, a tailor-made product in line with the DJ’s universe.

Pascal learns that Ravin got hooked on his music and in particular on “Behind the mountains“, this famous piece inspired by his style. Ravin then asks him for permission to remix and distribute the title in the next Buddha Bar CD.

The inspiration for “Behind the mountains”? A simple report. The composer wants through his music to encourage people to look “behind the mountains” in search of a better world. Our Sablais takes the name of ” Cash “ in reference to the name of his son, Sacha. He hastens to put down his pieces and becomes a member of Sacem. In his composition, Casha uses the “Logic pro” software to create and assemble the sounds:

It’s like sewing. You have a base and you have to add elements to give meaning.

He uses royalty-free soundtracks called loops to enhance his piece. Guitar player for a few years, he adds some chords.

Videos: currently on Actu

Listen to music here:

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A new project in progress

On his Spotify artist account, this new musician has already counted 5000 plays:

It’s amazing that a song started in my little studio is now heard all over the world!

He launched his first album in June, named ” Moments “and compiling seven tracks including “Behind the mountains”, without Ravin’s remix.

We find in particular the title “Tomorrow” inspired by his daily life, inviting us to reflect on which planet we are leaving to our children.

President of the fan club of the group “Idle Fingers“, he is accompanied in this project by one of their sound engineers and a second independent.

His appearance on the CD of the Buddha did not leave marble companies who submitted to him some proposals for the use of his music.

Next year, the Buddha Bar will celebrate its 25th anniversary and Casha hopes to be part of the program again. A promising musician whose album we are impatiently awaiting.

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