This map uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reveal the countries that emit the most CO2. |

With the help of artificial intelligence and the support of large companies, the NGOs WattTime and TransitionZero set to work to develop their map. Climate TRACE, the name under which it was presented to the world, allows you to see the CO2 emissions of each region of the planet.

Today, the site has grown into a system powered by over 100 organizations, and its goal is to provide accurate information that is not biased by third-party interests.

Climate TRACE can be defined as the most detailed database to date in this field of study. How did they get there? On its official website, the group of organizations explains how this was made possible thanks to ” satellite imagery and other forms of remote sensing » ; as well as ” artificial intelligence and collective expertise in data science to track man-made GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions“.

One of the strengths of this initiative is its speed of detection and level of detail. Thus, in just two years of existence, Climate TRACE has become a preferred tool for ecologists and organizations.

The major powers that emit the most CO2

No one expected the opposite. In the top 5 of the list of largest emitters are Russia, the United States, China and Iran. Although the list uses data from 2021, the positions of each city are constantly updated on the Climate TRACE website.

But it’s not just a list of the countries that emit the most CO2. You can also compare different regions. For example, the three highest emitting cities in the United States together emit about 133 million tons of CO2 per year. This is about 12% more than what a country like Venezuela produces each year.

In addition, Climate TRACE allows you to download all this information to your computer. You can therefore use it later for your studies, analyzes or any other task requiring this detailed and differentiated information by region, sector and source.

Climate TRACE was born as a strategy to avoid biased information.

In a world increasingly polluted by gases of all kinds, knowing this information becomes a mandatory measure if we want to stop climate change. However, it cannot be denied that some companies have an interest in providing opaque or erroneous information in order to continue to exploit environmental benefits.

This is why Climate TRACE was born. A partnership between more than 100 different organizations. Initially, there were only two (WattTime and TransitionZero); and this is where decided to contribute financially to the cause. Thus, the project grew and relied on artificial intelligence to emerge.

Its AI uses satellite data and calculations that allow it to detect which sector a specific facility belongs to. For example, if it appears to be a livestock-related site, it calculates its size and then its connection to the meat and dairy industry. The number of animals it could contain is then calculated, which makes it possible to obtain a fairly reliable estimate of the levels of CO2 emitted.

Best of all, organizations don’t have to wait for data officially released by the country or by international bodies.

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