this disposable electronic cigarette, with sweet tastes, which is attracting more and more teenagers

The Puff, these disposable electronic cigarettes with sweet flavors invade the surroundings of colleges and high schools. The phenomenon is beginning to worry parents and doctors. However, these Puffs are prohibited for sale to minors.

This is a phenomenon that is beginning to worry parents and doctors. The puff, these disposable electronic cigarettes with sweet flavors proliferate around colleges and high schools. Teenagers are more and more consumers of these cigarettes which offer sweet tastes, such as banana or bubble gum. When leaving schools in Normandy, many vape.

I started smoking with cigarettes at a very young age and to quit I switched to electronic cigarettes. Without effect. Today it is young people aged 14/15 who smoke disposable electronic cigarettes. It’s not good but it’s very easy to get it.

The Puff (puff) arrived on the French market very recently, in 2021. Since then, it has been a hit with 13-16 year olds. According to a survey by the BVA polling institute for the Alliance Against Tobacco (ACT-Alliance) among young people, 13% of them have already tested the Puff and 9% indicate that they have already purchased it. Among teenagers using the Puff, 28% claim to have started their initiation to nicotine through this product. Also in this survey, one in ten young people claim to have already purchased this electronic cigarette, even though it is prohibited for sale to minors.

It is a disposable, single-use electronic cigarette, sold depending on the model between 6 and 12 euros. If it is prohibited for sale for minors, it is available for adults in tobacconists and in certain specialized stores.

The disposable electronic cigarette attracts young people but if you run your shop well, you tell them it’s for adults and they don’t insist. That said, if a minor wants to buy this type of product, he often does, either by coming with his parents, or by asking an adult to buy it for him.

Jerome Heroux

Owner of an electronic cigarette shop in Dieppe (76)

Young people can also find these electronic cigarettes in some consumer store chains or even on the internet. Teenagers attracted by the sweet and fruity flavors of the Puff, which makes it very addictive. In the survey published by the ACT-Alliance against tobacco, 61% of young people questioned affirm that the Puff makes it possible to discover original tastes and that this represents the first argument pushing them to test the product.

The President of the ACT-Alliance against cancer, Loïc Josseran, doctor and researcher in public health is categorical. “The manufacturers never intended to make Puff a weaning tool but a way to transform our young people into the smokers of tomorrow through this new highly addictive nicotine product..” According to the ACT, the Puff contains nicotine salts and therefore increases the risk of developing inflammation of the airways. If the Puff is “easy” to buy, it is also easy to throw away. Of a single use, its proliferation can have an impact on the environment. Some fear that these mini e-cigarettes, which are made of plastic and have a non-removable lithium battery, could add to the cigarette butts thrown into the environment.

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