This Breton start-up invented a secure electronic stamp

The Keymo is a Vannes invention that the Japanese are likely to snap up in the coming months. Indeed, we have just returned from Japan, invited by the Japanese government, where our stamp is attracting a lot of interest”, argues Bertrand Jomard, managing director of Bystamp, a start-up based in Vannes (Morbihan). The Japanese have always had a stamp culture with their Hanko.

We are far from the engraved stamps that used to dab hot wax on envelopes. The Keymo makes it possible to sign documents electronically and in complete security because the sensitive information of potential customers is contained in the buffer and not in the cloud (computing cloud). It changes everything. You should know that some countries like the United States, for example, have access to all the sensitive data of companies that sign with Americans.

Bertrand Jomard is the managing director of Bystamp, based in Vannes (Morbihan) © Bystamp

For craftsmen as well as for large companies

The Keymo is the size of a car key, is encrypted and fully autonomous. It has the equivalent of a bank card chip in its mechanism, is stamped on a mobile phone, tablet or computer… Our stamp works without subscription. Once it’s bought, it’s yoursadded Bertrand Jomard. The target market is that of small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs who have to print and sign tons of paper for quotes or invoices, doctors to sign health data. Administrations are also very interested in Keymo and all companies that want to secure their data. With Keymo, you can sign anywhere, anytime without an internet connection. It can also be quality control in nomadismsays Yann Le Bail, co-founder of Bystamp.

The plan to double the workforce

The Keymo is made in France between Vannes and the Basque country. We currently have 18 employees but we are looking to recruit because we want to double the workforce within a year.

In February 2022, the Bystamp company launched a crowdfunding campaign on the MyOptions platform. In three months, the company raised three million euros. A record for the crowdfunding site based in Bruz (Ille-et-Vilaine). These three million euros will act as cash to enable Bystamp to buy components, also in France, to supply its manufacturing workshop. 100,000 pieces are in the pipeline at the moment.

Keymo in Las Vegas

In 2023, Bystamp will present Keymo at the Consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, where everything is played out for the world’s IT and electronics industry. We are going to leave Vannes to flood the world with our Keymo. For the moment, Keymo is sold on the company’s website as well as in certain stores specializing in office equipment at a price of €74 excluding tax.

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