this AI who does rap signed with a famous label

FN Meka, an AI who raps, hits the headlines by signing for a label and performing a featuring with other artists.

An AI capable of composing rap songs without any human intervention just signed for a major record company: Capitol records. Rapper AI FN Meka is already popular on TikTok. But his titles will certainly be more and more appreciated with the support of his new label.

Whose voice is behind FN Meka?

FN Meka is a fictional rapper created in 2019 by the firm Ex factory. This project particularly highlights advances in the field of deep learning or deep learning.

Thus, FN Meka learns, just as had done Snoop Dog Where 2pacto create rap songs from previously recorded data. For this particular AI, it is more precisely a database of millions of data points collected from video games and social media. It’s later than the musician Kyle the Thugclaimed to be the unknown human voice behind FN Meka.

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But how did an AI manage to convince this label?

With over 10 million followers and over a billion views on TikTok, FN Meka is now the most popular virtual rapper. Thus, Capitol Records announced the August 14, 2022 that he had signed with rapper FN Meka. Note that this is the first time in the world that such a major record label has taken under its wing a fictional musician !

On the same day, Capitol released Florida waterMeka’s first title with the label. The song is the result of several collaborations including artists like Dj holiday, Turbo and Gunna. As a reminder, the latter acquired his notoriety as a professional Fortnite player.

Moreover, the FN Meka has already entered the star system. Indeed, shortly after signing with the label, he was the subject of criticism for his collaboration with Gunna. The latter is a particularly controversial rapper. He is currently imprisoned for racketeering, as well as for his racist leanings.

FN Meka is not yet fully autonomous

Despite the fact that FN Meka entirely composes the music and lyrics of its songs, the AI ​​remains limited. Indeed, she has no voice. In fact, we still need a real human being to sing the different pieces designed by FN Meka.

An AI that raps

However, the creators of the AI ​​are working so that the computer can manage to interpret its own songs without any human intervention. This is not the first time that a virtual singer has been so popular with the public. Indeed, this trend is already well established in Asia, particularly in Japan and South Korea. Besides, Riot Games (video game publisher) recently released a song by their fictional band (K/DA). The latter became a global hit on all listening platforms.

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