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In just a few years, the electronic cigarette has become one of the most popular smoking cessation tools. Before her, a smoker wishing to quit smoking had no choice but to use traditional nicotine substitutes, such as patches and other chewing gums. Medicines that brought no pleasure to their users and made quitting smoking particularly complicated. Today, thanks to the e-cigarette, a new world has been born: that of being able to enjoy quitting smoking.

With several million users worldwide, the vaping industry has grown rapidly. Today, several hundred manufacturers are vying for a market that has become ultra-competitive. Every day, dozens of new products come out, forcing manufacturers to redouble their imagination to push innovation even further.

Over time, the electronic cigarette, initially marginal, has made its way into everyday consumer products. With all that entails, including overconsumption.

An ecological and financial advantage

Because new products come out every day, vapers are constantly tempted to test the latest innovations. As a result, their old equipment is put aside, and often abandoned. For some users, several dozen electronic cigarettes are no longer used. And very often, unfortunately, these vapers in perfect working order end up in the garbage when they could make other people happy, especially on the second-hand vape market.

This is where Second Vape comes in. Designed and powered by Kumulus Vape, one of the French leaders in the electronic cigarette market, Second Vape offers all vapers the opportunity to sell their unused electronic cigarette.

To do this, nothing simpler. All you have to do is create an account on the website to be able to post your classifieds like on any other site offering second-hand products.

And the benefits are many :

  • Less waste : no more throwing away perfectly working equipment, it can now be used by someone else. The second-hand market means reducing waste and our impact on the environment.
  • Interested visitors : Second Vape is only used by vapers! You are sure that people who see your ad will be interested in what you are selling. Selling your used electronic cigarette has never been easier.
  • Equip yourself at a lower cost : a product you particularly like, but you find it too expensive? There is surely someone who is ready to part with it for a ridiculous price.
  • Secure transactions : thanks to a partnership with the specialist in securing purchases and sales between individuals, Tripartie, you are sure to receive the equipment purchased, or the sum of money promised in the event of a sale.

How to join Second Vape?

Second Vape wants to be accessible to all, as simply as possible. To start selling your used electronic cigarette today, simply follow these few steps:

  1. Subscribe to Second Vape
  2. Post at least 2 images of the product you want to sell
  3. Add a title, a description to your ad and its price
  4. Fill in the few information requested on your second-hand vaper
  5. Sell!

Yes, it’s not more complicated than that! So, we say see you soon on Second Vape?

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