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Electrical devices and materials in their design meet various standards, among others, related to safety, durability, power consumption and even ecology.

Among these standards, we have a particular one which is the protection factor.

This index, defined by a range of values, is of growing interest and has even become a major selling point for electrical and electronic products.

What is the IP protection index in concrete terms? Specifically, what is IP65? What can we know about this index?

Find answers in this article.

What is the protection factor?

The degree of protection of electrical and electronic products designated by the acronym IP (Ingress Protection for English) is a standard defining the resistance of such products to the intrusion of solid bodies and liquids.

To be more explicit, this is the IEC 60529 standards therefore supported by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This standard, as mentioned above, is broken down into a range of values ​​defining the different types of existing protection.

The acronym IP is accompanied by two numbers: the first defines the degree of resistance against the intrusion of solid bodies and the second, the degree of protection against liquids.

The higher each number, the greater the protection given to the electrical equipment. This is how we can meet different protection indices such as:

  • IP65;
  • IP67;
  • IP68, etc.

What is meant by the IP65 degree of protection?

protection class IP65

IP65 is just one of many protection values ​​within the existing range.

The number 6 immediately following the acronym IP indicates resistance of the device to solid bodies of very small dust scale diameter.

The second number 5 referring to the waterproofness, shows that the device is resistant to normal jets of water, regardless of the angle under which this liquid is projected on the device.

Generally, the highest level of protection for the intrusion of solid objects stops at 6 while for the protection against water, the values ​​evolve up to 8 and more, showing higher levels of resistance to water. water.

What are the applications resulting from this IP65 protection?

This IP65 protection has a wide range of applicationsboth in terms of areas of use and the possibilities it offers. It is thus found in the manufacture of various everyday objects such as smartphones, connected watches, lighting and fixtures, electric motors and in a host of other products.

Manufacturers, to confirm the effectiveness of their IP65 protectionare required to carry out various tests or trials in their laboratories, on the products in question, practically testing the degree of resistance to dust and water.

IP65 products are even capable of withstand snow and its melting. In fact, the temperature of the water obviously has no influence on the effectiveness of the protection, which means that you have nothing to fear in snowy weather for your IP65 luminaires installed in your outdoor spaces or if you have forgotten for a day or two to store your IP65 electric mower in your garden shed in rainy weather.

Check the protection index before purchasing any electrical equipment

You are aware of the significant damage that can be perpetrated on your appliances or electrical equipment by dust and water. Regarding dust, consequences are progressive and therefore come with time.

Indeed, when dust manages to invest an electrical device, it becomes permanently inserted in the circuits, creates insulating nests disturbing the circuits, slows down or blocks certain systems such as ventilation or cooling, attracts the development of dust mites which can damage certain elements.

As for water, it is known that it does not mix well with electricity. Water that manages to infiltrate an electrical device damages it irreversibly or not, since the internal circuits deteriorate under its action. Also, such water infiltration makes the device potentially dangerous, since any connection in such a state could cause an electric shock.

Thus, it is very important for the durability of your devices and your own safety that you now take the trouble to ensure the indices of protection before any purchase. If, depending on the use you want to make of it, your lifestyle and others, you need greater protection, for example resistance not only to projections, splashes and jets of water, but also to total immersion more or less deep, do not hesitate to increase your protection by opting for equipment IP68 Where IP69!

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