The electronic cigarette: the most used smoking cessation tool in France?

Studies carried out by “Santé publique France” have shown that the rate of people who smoke cigarettes has dropped in France in recent years. This could be partly explained by the increase in the number of people who vape. Indeed, many are these French people who have abandoned tobacco for the vape. The main reason for this is that they want to fight against smoking. The electronic cigarette has therefore become the smoking cessation tool par excellence in France.

What are the advantages of the electronic cigarette ?

The advantages of electronic cigarette are really numerous. This object is indeed the ideal accessory to stop smoking gradually. Like this advantage, the electronic cigarette allows you to:

  • Reduce cardiovascular risk;
  • Say goodbye to cold ashtray smells;
  • protect loved ones;
  • Save money.

Reduce cardiovascular risk

When the cigarette burns, the smoke that comes out is responsible for many ailments. Indeed, not only is the latter responsible for cancers, but it also causes heart problems and respiratory ailments to the consumer.

On the other hand, opting for the electronic cigarette is a excellent way to limit the risk of heart attack. Also, the production of smoke is not by combustion and it is carbon monoxide free and toxic substances which cause serious pathologies in smokers.

Say goodbye to cold ashtray smells

Cigarette smokers often find that the smell of tobacco gets on their clothes, hair, upholstery and throughout their homes. However, by opting for the e-cigarette, the latter is immersed in a universe filled with perfumes and aromas.

Protect loved ones

Smoking cessation through electronic cigarettes protect his relatives. Indeed, a study has shown that passive use of e-cigarettes is not harmful like passive use of conventional cigarettes.

While the vapor emitted by the e-cigarette disappears in no time, that of the classic cigarette takes much longer. Otherwise, the vapor of the electronic cigarette does not incorporate any toxic particleseven a negligible amount. Therefore, vaping with a loved one does not present any danger to the latter.

Save money

Cigarettes are a great way tostop smoking and of make savings at the same time. Even if the investment in this accessory at the start can make you hesitate, it represents an excellent opportunity in the long term. Indeed, the acquisition of this vape accessory comes down to a amount oscillating between 40 and 70 €.

To this budget will be added the prices of e-liquids and resistance. For regular regular cigarette smoke, the total expenditure would amount to €2,500 per year. It should be noted that this amount does not take into account any increases. On the other hand, with the vape, the annual expenditure would amount to 750 €, which represents a savings of around €1,750.

Some figures that show the effectiveness of this means of weaning

In 2017, the French public health agency carried out a survey on the effectiveness of the e-cigarette as a means of withdrawal. From the latter, it appears that 2.7% of French people have already tried vaping. The age group of the vaping population is between 18 and 75 years old. In 2018, this percentage increased by 1.1 points, bringing the total to 3.8%.

On the other hand, the smoking rate, which was 26.9% in 2017, fell by 1.5 points, bringing the total to 25.4% in 2018. Furthermore, it should be noted that not all users are no smokers. For some, it’s simple everyday use. So the advent of the e-cigarette cannot harm tobacco producers.

E-cigarette use and its risks

The cancer and several pathologies are the risks to which smokers of conventional cigarettes are exposed, especially those who have consumed them for several years. On the other hand, the risks associated with the use of electronic cigarettes are not yet known.

An accessory whose sale on the market only began in 2010, in-depth research has not yet been carried out on the e-cigarette to list the risks associated with its consumption. However, it should be noted that the accessory incorporates nicotinefrom which it is impossible to say that the accessory remains in real danger.

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