The electronic cigarette market in France

Also known as electronic cigaretteecig, vapote, vapoteuse or even personal vaporizerthe electronic cigarette is an interesting alternative to tobacco. According to the Eurobarometer, this device has enabled more than a million smokers to wean themselves off tobacco. And the numbers continue to increase every year in France.

The e-cigarette is therefore a sanitary revolution in the fight against smoking. Indeed, this tool is acclaimed by smokers, because it offers the same pleasures as a classic cigarettebut without the drawbacks. In addition, it allows the smoker to keep the gesture to which he has been accustomed for several years. Discover in this review all the information to understand the e-cigarette market and the latest trends in France.

Electronic cigarette: the evolution of the size of the market in France

In France, the first traces of the e-cigarette appeared in the 2010s. Although its form has evolved over time, the operating principle of an ecig has remained unchanged. It is composed of a battery and a clearomizer. The latter houses the resistor which will heat up to vaporize the nicotine e-liquid or not (present in the tank of the clearomizer).

It is the battery that provides the energy needed to heat the resistor. The vapor produced can then be inhaled by the vaper. In its infancy, the objective of this accessory was to help smokers quit tobacco and traditional cigarettes. But against all odds, he very quickly won over many individuals and saw his popularity soar because he revealed himself healthier and more convenient.

The e-cigarette then becomes between 2011 and 2014 the nicotine substitute par excellence. It only took 3 years for this device to have a significant number of users, both smokers and non-smokers. This spawned the opening of many shops of electronic cigarettes in small provincial towns, in city centers and tourist areas.

Just cross a few streets to get the electronic cigarette.
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Even if the device encountered difficulties in its beginnings, the new law on e-cigarettes in 2017 reassured consumers and revived the market, which until then had been sluggish. The turnover of this device reached in 2019 already the 820 million euros.

Manufacture and use of e-cigarettes in France

Did you know ? On the international vaping market, France now occupies the 3rd position after the United States and the United Kingdom. It is estimated that the sales ofElectronic cigarettes to nearly 820 million euros. Our country therefore stands out today as a major consumer of e-cigarettes. This is understandable when you see the number of manufacturers of products related to e-cigarettes in the territory.

You will also find multiple specialty brands who increasingly offer e-liquids in various forms. Thus, in a short time, electronic cigarettes and their components poured into the French market. It should also be noted that the development of certain brands on the international scene has enabled this system to enjoy new successes.

This means that the flow of e-cigarettes has increased by 21% during the period from 2017 to 2018.
Moreover, the consumption of electronic cigarettes in France will not drop for many years if we are to rely on the current state of the production market. Thus, the turnover of this device could reach 1.2 billion euros by 2023.

The sale of vaping equipment on specialized platforms

Electronic cigarette

The authorization granted for the sale of e-cigarettes and their accessories online in France is one of the factors that have contributed to the success of the electronic cigarette. Indeed, faced with the growing demand for vaporization equipment, many e-commerce sites have emerged.

Admittedly, physical stores still continue to exist, but it is important to note that e-shops have been a very beneficial solution. First, online stores have made it possible to unclog physical stores. Then, they provide access to a wider offer. The sites offer e-cigarette models from dozens of brands at affordable prices.

They also provide many advice and documentation. This allows you to know which devices are best for you based on your habits and the type of smoker you are. Additionally, online e-cigarette sites sell different types of devices for your vape. We can cite among others:

  • Disposable e-cigarettes;
  • refillable cigarettes;
  • Mods.

Finally, the purchase of electronic cigarettes online induces the acquisition of quality e-liquid and you also benefit from home delivery services. A real time saver!

The quality of the e-liquid of the electronic cigarette in France

E-liquid is to electronic cigarettes what tobacco is to traditional cigarettes. In other words, the electronic cigarette would not be able to function without the e-liquid since it is this that the device will transform into vapor. We can thus say that the e-liquid is the fuel of the vapoteuse.

Due to its importance, one must ensure that it is of superior quality for better use of the e-cigarette. Thus, before buying an e-liquid, you must check the fluid bottle label that accompanies the e-cig. Like other products, you should know that it is not excluded to find some shops of inferior e-liquids.

To benefit from a better quality e-liquid, favor online e-commerce sites, because they favor French e-liquid brands much more. However, you must also keep in mind the constituents of an electronic cigarette liquid. Of course, there can be many. But generally, there are 4 of them which you will discover below.

Propylene glycol (PG)

This is a transparent and odorless liquid which represents 80% of the e-liquid. It is therefore used as a base. Propylene glycol vaporizes at low temperature. In other words, it makes steam. It also has the role of a flavor enhancer, as it is used to obtain more pronounced tastes. Note that it is a low-toxic and non-carcinogenic ingredient.

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

An entirely vegetable substance, vegetable glycerin is viscous and odorless. She provides a abundant vapor and thick and also serves as a base in the composition of this product. Vegetable glycerin produces vapor and enhances aromas. This substance also turns out non-carcinogenic and low toxicity.

The aromas in the composition of the e-liquid

There are two types of aromas:

  • natural flavors extracted from natural sources;
  • synthetic flavors produced by chemical reactions.

Aromas have the function of providing flavor. This component makes it possible to reproduce the desired flavor (tobacco, menthol, fruity, etc.).


She allows to replicate the smoking experience a real cigarette. Its use within the framework of the electronic cigarette makes it possible to gradually quit tobacco. Its use is optional and not recommended if you are not a smoker.

The e-cigarette: the most used smoking cessation tool in France

Two people smoking electronic cigarettes

Today, tobacco is the main cause of avoidable mortality: 7 million die each year worldwide because of this scourge. In France, it kills around 66,000 people a year and is one of the direct causes of millions of cases of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Faced with all these consequences, it is urgent to find an effective solution to quit smoking. And that’s where the e-cigarette comes in. It is a valuable aid to help the smoker to progress gradually in his smoking cessation and to completely abandon the cigarette.

This tool facilitates withdrawal by maintaining four important elements for the ex-smoker, including the administration of nicotine, the gesture, the vapor and the contraction of the throat (hit). Among the other nicotine substitutes already present on the market, the electronic cigarette is indeed the means of smoking cessation that has the most success.

The France vapotage federation estimates that more than 1.6 million French people have succeeded in quitting smoking thanks to this accessory. Also, its use has other advantages including:

  • Reduce cardiovascular risk;
  • Say goodbye to cold ashtray smells;
  • protect loved ones;
  • Save money.

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