The ecological aberration of Puffs, disposable electronic cigarettes

They are all the rage among young people, but also among smokers looking to quit traditional cigarettes. However, on closer inspection, “Puff” disposable electronic cigarettes constitute an ecological aberration. While they contain a battery in particular, their “infinitesimal” recycling raises questions. Investigation.

Disposable electronic cigarettes from the tobacconist “La Civette du Palais Royal” in Paris. // PHOTO: Leo Sanmarty/Natura Sciences

Peach taste, cola, exotic flavors, Puff disposable electronic cigarettes have something to attract vapers. Easy to use, the Puff is a small disposable electronic cigarette ready to use. Its accessibility is also what makes it a popular option for young smokers (and non-smokers) and those who want to quit smoking. Problem: the Puff does not recharge. Once the 300 to 600 puffs have been smoked, it is thrown away, but almost never recycled.

Disposable electronic cigarettes, an ecological nonsense

Puffs occupy an important place on the shelves of tobacconists. Several brands are visible such as Liquideo, Marie Jeanne or Dinner Lady. There are several ranges of products, with (up to 20 mg/ml) or without nicotine. “You will find these disposable electronic cigarettes between 8 euros and 17 euros here. The Puff has really established itself as an essential product”explains Armand, salesman at the Civette du Palais Royal, one of the oldest tobacco shops in Paris.“Once vapers have finished their Puff, they are asked to return them to us. We then put them in a box of products to be recycled”he adds. He specifies that a deposit of 50 cents will be returned to customers for their next purchase in store. When we look at this recycling box, however, we see that few Puff come back to them.

At the Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la vape (FIVAPE), the product is the subject of internal debate.“Our priority at FIVAPE has always been to focus on consumer health. Thus, we consider these disposable electronic cigarettes as products that help smokers quit”explains Jean Moiroud, its president. “At first we want to quit smoking. It is only then that we question the means to achieve this”, he admits.

“Despite everything, and this is the subtlety, do we like this product? Not at all”insists Jean Moiroud. “For us, the Puff is absolutely not something ideal in the long term. Already from an ecological point of view, it’s nonsense”, he acknowledges. He adds :“There are dozens of alternatives that are barely more complex to operate”starting with the classic rechargeable electronic cigarette. “I think that any product with a battery, with a life cycle of one to two days, and which is destined to end its life in waste or at best in a possible recycling channel, is environmental nonsense. “he declares.

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Recycling Puffs Not So Easy

On the many websites that highlight the benefits of the Puff, a mention invites users to bring back their used electronic cigarette…

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