Soon the end of the shortage of electronic chips: the PS5 is no longer out of stock announces Sony

Even before its launch in November 2020, the PS5 was sold out due to a global shortage of semiconductors. The situation is only beginning to improve…

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Anyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers around the world, from now on. “, said Wednesday, January 4, Jim Ryan, the head of video games for the Sony company, during his presentation at CES.

Covid crisis, dependence on Asia…

Even before its launch in November 2020, the PS5 was sold out due to a global shortage of semiconductors. Semiconductors are electronic chips that allow information to be transmitted, stored and calculated “Summarized with franceinfo Mathilde Aubry, economist and teacher specializing in digital transformation at the Normandy School of Management.

The demand for these semiconductors soared in 2020, with the massive use of telework and the need to equip themselves with laptops in particular. This deficiency in electronic chips was multifactorial and the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the elements of explanation and more precisely the “zero Covid” strategy of China, a major producer of electronic chips. At the heart of the health crisis, the demand for electronic objects increased while the production system was idling.

The PS5, like Microsoft’s Xbox Series, uses a main chip (SoC), a central component that concentrates all the computing power of the consoles. AMD, which is the sole supplier of the two console manufacturers, has experienced major supply problems with its subcontractors in Asia, in particular the Taiwanese AMD. ” AMD’s shortage is collateral damage from Huawei’s monster chipset orders last year. The United States banned Taiwanese TSMC from supplying new processors to Huawei from last September. Before this deadline, the Chinese manufacturer therefore urgently ordered millions of units and monopolized the production lines during the summer to the detriment of other customers. “, analyzed for the Parisian Laurent Le Pen, boss of Omate, a Chinese manufacturer of connected watches

Soon an oversupply?

The global microchip crisis, which has severely handicapped important economic sectors in recent years, will be overcome in 2023says America’s leading electronics association, the Consumer Technology Association. According to the CTA, organizer of the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, the enormous need dating back to the time of the pandemic is diminishing » and the chips are finally available again.

Excessive delivery times are gradually normalizing, in particular because more production sites are starting to operate. But, for the sector, it could also be a harbinger of trouble: “ We will go from a shortage of chips to a possible oversupply “Warned Steve Koenig, head of market research for the CTA association, at the opening of CES, the world’s high mass of electronics.

The latter also confided, on the sidelines of the event, that he did not see the metaverse as a fad of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. ” For me, the metaverse is the next generation of the internet“, he predicted.

The metaverse designates on the one hand a digital and interactive environment in which one can enter with virtual reality glasses. Users can work, play, meet or shop there as avatars. But the metaverse also includes applications in which digital information is displayed in the user’s real field of vision, so-called “augmented reality”.

Several large companies present in Las Vegas at the beginning of January have also invested in this metaverse. Like Sony, the Japanese electronics giant, which has already announced that the new Playstation VR2 virtual reality glasses will soon be on the market.

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