Scylla Consulting: combining human and artificial intelligences

By avoiding Charybdis, the abyss of data, Scylla Consulting has chosen to go towards the 6-headed monster of Artificial Intelligence. But it is a tamed monster from which it is possible to derive the greatest profits.

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Scylla Consulting: combining human and artificial intelligences
Scylla Consulting: combining human and artificial intelligences

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Artificial intelligence: friend or foe?

Ilt is almost everywhere a question of artificial intelligence. In the whimsical and exciting mode of cinematic fiction, but also in more disturbing aspects. Some even see in it the promise of the extinction of humanity. Madriss Seksaoui reminds us that the boiling was even stronger a few years ago. During his last year in the Master “MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics” (straddling the Ecole Centrale and ESSEC Business School), he remembers a collective passion. He himself, moreover, had just written a dissertation on “Data Science”, a field in which he found this technicality which he lacked at the start of his student career in finance. We therefore asked the young Data Scientist to enlighten us. Will the robots control us? Will professions disappear? Although the questions are rude, his answers are not lacking in interest…

AI and health

Having just obtained his Master’s degree, Madriss made the choice of independence by offering himself as a freelancer to the company with which he had completed his end-of-study internship. Natexo Group, a digital marketing company. But his profile interests and expertise in AI makes people envious. He will join a French insurance leader a year later, for a new adventure where, far from submitting men to the machine, he will rather intervene to free them from repetitive, painful and time-consuming tasks. There he developed a process of OCRization, that is to say optical character recognition within documents. No more need to read them in sequence and feverishly annotate on the side, the machine will take care of it, and more efficiently than the human. In a nutshell, the AI, here, freed up time and relieved of dispensable activities.

This mission was followed by a collaboration with a large French pharmaceutical group which continues today. In addition to the increase in skills in the fields of health, Madriss found material there to deploy his skills in the service of noble causes. The company markets machines that perform blood tests. It is a very large group that equips a number of French laboratories and hospitals accredited in haemostasis. He has also developed kits for rapid blood analysis to find out if the patient who is about to operate has previously taken anticoagulants (which would lead to a risk of lethal bleeding). With the use of AI, Madriss was able to set up the detection of anticoagulants in blood plasma. And that’s not all. Madriss carries out predictive maintenance, in order to ensure upstream that no anomaly can disturb the rendering of biological results. Here too, the AI ​​does not make people disappear, the data scientist points out to us, it would rather save them…

AI and the professional world

Madriss was able to work on other equally innovative themes, in particular on clinical decision-making support systems (CDS). These are tools that can be used, for example, to predict the risk of disease recurrence for patients. By focusing on those who have already been affected, he is able to calculate the likelihood of a recurrence. Passionate about AI applications in the medical field, the data scientist is inexhaustible.

If he recognizes that the development of AI will not be without consequences on the job market, it is to announce the development of new professions. There is a lot to do in data engineering, he says, if only to process the raw data, check its good quality, ensure that the tools are properly connected to each other. Ditto for machine learning engineering which ensures that machine learning models (automatic learning from data) once deployed remain functional over time. The craft is still in its infancy, but demand will increase rapidly. This is undoubtedly the reason why he was approached by a major business school (EDC Paris) to participate in the training of Master’s students…

And as for Scylla Consulting, his small company, he hopes to make it one of the benchmarks in Île-de-France, to recruit on a long-term basis or, at the very least, to surround himself with a solid band of freelancers to further deploy the solutions that AI offers in medical matters. And elsewhere.

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