Review of the electronic cigarette since its launch

Nowadays, many studies have proven that at least 1.7 million people vape daily in France.

A new study of e-cigarette users shows that e-cigarettes are associated with cardiovascular disease and depression.

In terms of quitting smoking, another study has shown that e-cigarettes such as innokin are more effective than nicotine substitutes.

This leads many people to ask themselves the question of whether to quit electronic cigarettes or rather tobacco.

Let’s take stock of the electronic cigarette since its launch.

Evolution of the electronic cigarette since its launch

As soon as e-cigarettes arrived on the French market, they were hugely successful. According to the study published by Vapoter.frthere are more than 3,000 shops with an increase in sales of 5 to 10% each year. It is true that tobacco addiction is a real public health problem, and the e-cigarette is positioned as a viable alternative.

All the conditions for approval by customs and health authorities were met from the outset. The main active ingredient used in e-liquids is in fact the same as that of inhalable anti-asthmatics.

Several “addiction” studies have been carried out to prove the harmful effects of this new practice, but e-cigarettes have passed these tests perfectly, especially the innokin brand which is also the most popular with the French population. Users are well aware that e-cigarettes free them from the habit of traditional cigarettes. You will find taste and better breathing capacity while avoiding the combustion which produces most of the toxicity of traditional cigarettes.

The evolution of tobacco after the launch of the electronic cigarette

The evolution of tobacco after the launch of the electronic cigarette

It is important to always keep in mind that any excessive consumption is seriously harmful to health. This is why in 2018, the most widely used e-cigarette technology involves heating e-liquid to its point of vaporization. This is why we observe up to 600,000 fewer smokers, but consequently there are more than 500,000 vapers.

Hence a considerable drop in tobacco consumption. The vapors can therefore be flavored and accompanied by precise dosages of nicotine.
It is heated by a battery. For practical everyday use, it can be recharged via any USB port. Batteries are available in a wide variety of capacities, performances and functions. For example, a long enough USB cable is enough to enjoy e-cigarettes in the office.

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How to quit smoking with e-cigarettes?

Health check for consumers of electronic cigarettes

It has been proven that the main objective of electronic cigarettes was to reduce the number of deaths due to tobacco use. However, the substances contained in electronic cigarettes also seem to be very harmful.

When e-cigarettes hit the market a few years ago, expectations were high. In the United States, people who use electronic cigarettes seem to have very serious lung infections, indicating very advanced respiratory problems.

From the different patients studied, clinical studies reveal that smoking this substance at high temperature in e-cigarettes can cause serious lung damage. In addition, cases observed in various health centers in the United States show that up to 52.4% of young people are particularly affected by the most severe symptoms. In addition, there are also 59% of people convinced that electronic cigarettes like innokin help fight against tobacco.

We recall that it is for this reason that many people suffer from serious respiratory diseases. Five people in the United States have died from e-cigarette use. As more in-depth studies are conducted on e-cigarettes, health officials are turning their attention to questions about THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

Review of the innokin electronic cigarette

Founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, China, the Innokin brand designs e-cigarettes for everyone. Reliable, modern and above all affordable, Innokin e-cigarettes have convinced e-cigarette smokers for generations and have provided effective help in quitting smoking.

It is partly thanks to her that nearly 8% of people who have never smoked an electronic cigarette. Basically, whether you are a vaper or a tobacco smoker, you must keep in mind the consumption of any kind of product in excess is seriously harmful to your health. So you have to favor what will not cause you health problems but consume it in moderation.

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