REPORTAGE. Amethyste Konlé, graphic designer, recreates a world larger than life

“Student dentists use mannequins with plastic teeth for practice. But in reality, enamel, pulp and dentin do not have the same density at all. It is more difficult to drill the enamel for example. » Amethyste Konlé, a stylus in the form of a turbine in hand, masters the term dental to perfection. Aged 26, she could be a student in dentistry, but she is a 3D graphic designer at HRV Simulation, in Changé (Mayenne).

The project on which she is working is called Virteasy Dental, it is a simulator deployed in universities around the world so that apprentice dentists can get their hands on it, as close as possible to reality. Amethyst’s mission is in particular to “creating environments and characters” of this machine, one of which sits at the heart of theopen space that she shares with developers. Even if they don’t “don’t speak the same language” the graphic designer talks a lot with them.

Reproduce the blink of an eye, the breathing of the patient

Here she works by “sprint” : periods of fifteen days during which it must carry out all the tasks identified by the product ownerin contact with customers who transmit “briefs”, may request modifications or the integration of new exercises in the simulator, a crown installation for example.

Today, the graphic designer works on the child patient: his blinking, his breathing. “There may be unforeseen events in the creation process, my role is to find solutions to circumvent them. »

Five months for a character

To model a character, she “carves” on a computer and using dedicated software. “You never know software 100%”, warns the graphic designer who always remains on standby on his work tools. Thanks to them, she gives this raw, purely digital product a skeleton, a texture (she wraps it in skin), colors, clothes… “It takes me about five months to create a character suitable for Virteasy”, specifies Améthyste who works from Monday to Friday.

Holder of an ES baccalaureate, she turned to a video games and interactive media license at the Catholic University of the West in Laval, which she started with a year of upgrading. “The digital professions fascinated me and I have always had a creative spirit”, she justifies.

Hired after an internship

With her diploma in hand, she signed a one-year contract with an agricultural union as a graphic videographer, then she joined HRV Simulation, a company she knows well, having done an internship there a few months earlier. “I was hired as a 2D/3D graphic designer, but 2D represents only 10% of my tasks: banner for social networks, kakemono, wallpaper for our simulators… she enlightens. In fact, my daily life is always and never the same: my days are similar but my missions are different! »

Today in the medical sector, tomorrow in the historical field? Heritage is Amethyst’s other great passion.

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