Repair, recycle and upcycle: join the movement to reduce electronic waste

Canadians and Quebecers value their phones, but less than half repair their old devices. In addition, only 12 percent of Canadians and 14 percent of Quebecers buy second-hand devices.

In partnership with the Circular Innovation Council, TELUS is committed to driving real environmental change by extending the life of connected devices and keeping them out of landfills.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TELUS is sponsoring the nation’s first-ever Circular Economy Month this October. This awareness campaign emphasizes the importance of waste reduction and recycling. The majority of people in the country, 69 percent, say their mobile phone is the most expensive personal item they own. However, less than half of Canadians and Quebecers have ever had their phone repaired and only 12 percent of Canadians and 14% of Quebecers have ever purchased a used device.1. To address this issue, TELUS encourages the repair, recycling and upcycling of used tablets and phones. Everyone can participate in the circular economy to extend the life of devices, reduce e-waste, and keep devices out of landfills.

“The Circular Innovation Council is thrilled to partner with TELUS to launch Canada’s first-ever Circular Economy Month,” said Jo-Anne St. Godard, CEO of the Circular Innovation Council. The month of the circular economy gives us the opportunity to reflect on the consequences of our habits of production and consumption of goods on the environment. It’s also a time to celebrate innovation and redefine the way we produce, use and dispose of products to increase their value and reduce environmental impact. Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives and can be used to encourage Canadians to adopt sustainable habits related to the circular economy. Just buy appliances produced with few natural resources, which are designed to last, and which can be repaired, refurbished and recycled easily. These are the characteristics of the products that support the circular economy. By becoming a founding partner, TELUS demonstrates its commitment to do its part to facilitate and promote Canada’s transition to a circular economy. »

“TELUS is committed to combining cutting-edge technology with compassion to drive social change. To date, TELUS and its customers have already recycled 3.5 million devices responsibly. Since the beginning of the year, more than 80,000 used devices have been upgraded by TELUS to become certified remarketed devices. This avoids the production of more than 2,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year compared to the sale of new handsets, said Jim Senko, Executive Vice President and President of Mobile Solutions at TELUS. We are passionate about the circular economy and we attach great importance to recycling and upcycling appliances in a responsible way. Thanks to resale and our Return option programCMused appliances are put back on the market. We also repair devices in our Mobile Klinik stores to extend their lifespan. These sustainable business practices stem from TELUS’ commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and become a zero-waste and carbon-neutral company by 2030.”

Here’s how to actively participate in the circular economy this month and all year round:

  • Repair of used devices: Keep your devices longer and reduce their waste generation by visiting one of TELUS’ Mobile Klinik stores to have a cracked screen, slow operating system, water damage or other problem repaired. Every day, Mobile Klinik refurbishes 300 devices and has more than 125 stores in the country.
  • Recycling of used devices: Bring your old devices to a TELUS store and we’ll recycle them responsibly to keep them out of landfills. TELUS will also plant a tree for each recycled device, as part of its mission to plant its millionth tree. Find out how you can recycle your device.
  • Revaluation of used appliances: Drop off your old phones and tablets at a TELUS store and we’ll upgrade them, then donate them to those in need as part of the Mobility for Good programMARYLAND. TELUS’ Mobility for Good program provides smartphones to foster-aged youth, low-income seniors, and vulnerable or abused Aboriginal women. Find out how to donate your phone.

Circular Economy Month aligns with TELUS’ efforts in environmental sustainability and its long-standing efforts to preserve and protect the planet. In his 2021 Sustainability ReportTELUS outlines its environmental, social and governance strategy and priorities, including an ambitious goal to use 100% energy from renewable sources by 2025. TELUS’ network infrastructure and investments are contributing to a transition to a sustainable future through the digitalization of the economy, which includes optimizing home energy use and reducing food waste through TELUS Solutions for Agriculture.

To learn more about TELUS’ commitment to building a sustainable future, visit

TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic communications technology company and a global leader, with $17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million wireless customer connections , its data and voice services, its IP services and its television, video, entertainment and security services. Our social vocation is to leverage our cutting-edge technologies and compassion to produce remarkable social change and impact on the human level. We have long put customers first. This orientation is reflected in all our spheres of activity and has enabled us to become an undeniable leader in customer loyalty and service. Year after year, TELUS receives numerous awards from independent companies recognized for their network expertise. These honors confirm the power and speed of our world-class networks and our commitment to providing Canadians with superior technologies that connect us to the people, resources and information that make our lives better.

Present in 28 countries, TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) innovates in the field of digital customer experience. It designs, produces and delivers next-generation content moderation and artificial intelligence solutions for global market-creating companies. It is active in high-growth sectors, such as technology and gaming, communications and media, e-commerce and fintech.

TELUS Health is a global healthcare company that provides preventive care and wellness solutions for employees and their families. In addition to providing unparalleled customer service to already more than 50 million people, the TELUS team and 100,000 healthcare professionals rely on TELUS’ digital capabilities and data analytics tools to transform the results of curative, preventive and mental health care all over the world. The largest provider of payload data and digital solutions of its kind, TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods enables efficient and sustainable production, from seedlings to groceries. Through end-to-end traceability, it helps improve the safety and quality of food and other consumer products.

True to the company’s deeply rooted community philosophy “We give where we live” and its visionary determination to passionately connect all citizens to make the world a better place, TELUS team members, current and retired, have offered since 2000 more than $900 million and 1.8 million days of volunteering to the community, not counting their in-kind contributions, their time and the programs they have set up. The unprecedented generosity of team members and their incredible volunteer work have made TELUS the most generous company in the world. Together, let’s create a better future.

To learn more about TELUS, visit and follow us on Twitter (@TELUSnews) and on Instagram (@Darren_Entwistle).

For further information, members of the media are asked to contact:

Stephanie Dussault
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1 Angus Reid report commissioned by TELUS.

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