Paetou’s work in court

Moorea, October 9, 2022 – The Tahei auti ia Moorea federation has summoned SNC Paetou for interim measures following “irregularities” observed during its work on the Paetou site in Teavaro. The federation also denounces the immobility of the competent authorities, the Directorate of construction and development in particular, in this case. A hearing is scheduled for Monday in civil court.

After having received no response from the Department of Construction and Development or the Municipality of Moorea regarding the reports made last February regarding the work of the SNC Paetou (on the Paetou ) in Teavaro as well as on the reasons for the cessation of this work, the Tahei auti ia Moorea federation had decided to assign, on August 25, the company of promoter Olivier Billaudet. The objective of this action is to appoint an expert to come and verify the illegality of part of the work carried out.

The federation notably accuses SNC Paetou of having illegally carried out excavation work, carried out outside the framework of permit No. 20-1251-4/MLA/OCA of May 28, 2021, on an area of ​​8,500 square meters of the CL1 plot and of having used the volume of materials extracted to backfill, still outside the scope of this permit, the CL13 plot without an amendment to the initial permit having been granted and in the absence of a display justifying a authorization obtained a posteriori. The federation therefore considers “these works as illegal knowing that on the date of the report, the SNC Paetou had not yet proceeded with the sale of these plots intended for the establishment of a zone of commercial and industrial activity, and that it was up to the only buyers to carry out the earthworks as specified in permit 20-1251”. In addition, the federation chaired by Rahiti Buchin believes that “SNC Paetou should have, given the volume concerned, at least obtained a development permit with an environmental impact assessment, in accordance with the new provisions of the investigation procedures relating to the development permit (Council of Ministers of 1is December 2021).

“The door open to all excesses of promoters”

A hearing is scheduled for Monday in the civil court in the presence of the various parties concerned. In addition to the merits of this case, Tahei auti ia Moorea regrets that the competent authorities did not intervene to verify by themselves the irregularities observed during the work. “It’s incredible because we are here to make up for the shortcomings of the town planning department as well as the town hall of Moorea. The municipality tells us that it does not have the means to go and check. We are doing the work that the urban planning department should normally do. If we do nothing, it will be the door open to all the excesses of the developers”, bitterly notes Jérôme Defossez, member of the federation, before directly challenging the promoters: “You want to make big profits with projects that are not unanimously accepted by the population, you can only do so in strict compliance with the authorizations granted. The associations will be there to ensure this.”

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