OutSystems assists low-code developers with AI

European developer OutSystems adds AI to its low-code platform to improve code quality and developer productivity.

A major new feature in the latest version of its low-code platform, OutSystems has integrated AI technologies to improve its performance. This platform generates code through drag and drop that developers must finalize. The applications are then executed on the platform. The code remains recoverable.

baptized AI mentoring systemthese new features help developers identify errors, especially those related to security, optimize performance, and minimize technical debt. Concretely, it provides intuitive help at each stage of development. Support that normally translates into better productivity.

The main features of AI mentoring system are called:

* code mentor analyzes the code, suggests the best option and adds it to the code. It also allows developers to use natural language to describe the complex data required by an application and generate the ad hoc SQL query.

* Architecture Mentor reviews code to ensure it meets essential IT architecture standards.

* Security Mentor analyzes and revises the code to identify known vulnerabilities and integrate the security process as early as possible in the development.

* performance mentor reviews code to identify potential performance bottlenecks.

* Maintainability Mentor analyzes the company’s entire application portfolio looking for opportunities to reduce technical debt. It also reviews the code to eliminate duplication and suggests opportunities for application redesign.

The publisher also announced more classic improvements. Static Application Security Testing automates security testing with third-party tools such as SonarQube and Veracode.

The platform has long supported third-party identity providers (IdPs), such as Okta or Azure Active Directory. Open ID authentication now allows them to use their standard corporate IdP, using the OpenID Connect standard, to authenticate platform users.

The OutSystems platform also includes built-in tools for application monitoring. A new feature exposes log data via the OpenTelemetry API, allowing the use of third-party monitoring tools like Datadog, New Relic or Dynatrace.

Finally, the publisher has added a wizard to connect to the noSQL MongoDB database. A feature that complements the 13 data sources (SAP, Salesforce, Azure SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) already supported.

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