Nvidia partners with Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton to provide AI consulting

on 09/27/2022, by Andy Patrizio, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Infrastructure, 473 words

The two consulting firms bring experience that companies do not necessarily have to develop their AI strategy and products.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be all the rage, but its deployment is still slow. The learning curve is steep, few people have adequate AI experience, and governance rules are vague. A context already highlighted by Gartner statistics for 2020, according to which only 53% of AI pilot programs manage to be deployed. The necessary tools and experience are simply beyond the reach of an average IT department, especially a small business.

Nvidia would like to change things by entering into two alliances on AI with consulting giants Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton, the objective being to help companies develop AI strategies and access technology and expertise from the supplier. In fact, this agreement stretches an already existing alliance between Deloitte and Nvidia. Deloitte consultants will have access to AI and Omniverse enterprise platforms to help clients build and deploy various AI-enabled applications in areas such as edge, voice, recommender systems, chatbots, cybersecurity , digital twins, and many more. Additionally, Nvidia DGX A100 systems are available through Deloitte’s Center for AI Computing to build and test AI applications. Building on our relationship with Nvidia, we are bringing together our best talent pool and deep AI experience with the power of the AI ​​and Omniverse platforms to help customers accelerate the development of AI-powered solutions, said Joe Ucuzoglu, CEO of Deloitte US, in a statement.

Integrate AI capabilities faster

Separately, Nvidia and business consulting firm Booz Allen announced they are teaming up to deliver AI-powered cybersecurity powered by the Santa Clara vendor’s Morpheus platform. This open-source, scalable, and GPU-accelerated security processing framework enables real-time network traffic inspection and anomaly reporting while addressing potential threats. The latest version of Morpheus includes updates to prebuilt workflows, including new capabilities for viewing digital fingerprints and detecting sensitive information. The cybersecurity solution announced with the consulting firm is based on this latest version of Morpheus. Called Cyber ​​Precog, Booz Allen’s software platform provides task-tailored AI models and modular pipelines for rapid deployment to the edge. Using Nvidia’s GPUs, Cyber ​​Precog can ingest data 300 times faster than CPUs, while delivering 32x faster AI learning and 24x faster AI inference, the companies claimed.

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