marketing that targets children

“Energy Drink” or ice cream, the flavors just like the marketing are geared towards (very) young people. Estella Fleurot, member of Crips (Regional Center for Information and Prevention of AIDS and for the Health of Young People), explains to us why we must be extra vigilant.

Target minors, and turn them into future smokers

“We see a lot of it in front of the colleges” notes Estella Fleurot. And for good reason, everything seems to be done to target students even though the sale of PUFFs is prohibited to minors.

The marketing of these disposable electronic cigarettes is well done. The colors are flashy, and the designs are reminiscent of candy wrappers. The tastes offered are also very close to the sweets that children love: Energy Drink, Coke, ice cream, fruit… For Estella Fleurot, there is no doubt “marketing targets 6th/5th graders”.

” It’s not expensive ” when the price of a pack of cigarettes increases constantly. But above all “It hides easily.” And then magic of the electronic cigarette, it smells nothing. Something to pass under the radar of parents very easily…

And if the sale to minors is illegal, “tobacconists do not necessarily ask questions” explains Estella Fleurot. PUFFs are also found in other brands and at “seeing that next to the chewing gum at the checkout, you think it’s banal”. A trivialization also largely carried by social networks on which promotional videos are multiplying.

“It’s not just a gimmick, it’s not just something pretty and fun” she warns. These harmless-looking products may indeed contain nicotine, although it is not the only risk factor.

An electronic cigarette diverted from its original use

“You have to remember that an electronic cigarette, initially it’s made for tobacco smokers who want to quit, that’s the goal is to get you started” warns Estella Fleurot.

Yes, tobacco consumption is declining among young people, so innovation comes to the rescue with a new product to initiate them. It’s a gateway into tobacco, but the problem with PUFFs is that they all have the drawbacks of traditional tobacco consumption.

Addiction can take many forms according to Estella Fleurot. She “can be psychological, ‘I’m pissed off so I’m going to smoke’ or it can be behavioral, ‘I usually smoke after dinner’.

And when they contain nicotine, the PUFFs (again) hide their game well. The doses are indicated in percentage to appear lower. However, “2% nicotine is 40 cigarettes” i.e. two packs…

“It is possible that the tobacco industry is behind these products” suggests Estella Fleurot. This is enough to encourage you to be vigilant with the use of these PUFFs.

GenZ PUFF smokers and heavy polluters

Some manufacturers boast of recyclable products but in reality it is much more complicated.

A PUFF contains many plastic components, batteries and metals. Everything is well compacted in the cylinder of the PUFF. We tried to cut one at Kool mag and it’s far from easy.

First surprise, what occupies the most space in the PUFF is… the battery

The lithium batteries contained in many models are also not recyclable or very difficult. The treatment of this waste represents a significant cost for a lesser interest…

Ecological aberration, public health problem, if the PUFFs do not already have many reasons to exist, they should certainly not end up in the hands of our children.

An ecological argument which should convince the youngest, so sensitive to the jets of soup on the tables and yet main consumers of PUFFs.

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