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ECMA, satellite of the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants and publisher of the jefacture.com platform, has just published a white paper to support the profession in the generalization of electronic invoicing. In about fifteen pages, it provides an overview of the essential concepts to know and the best practices to prepare your firm and your clients for this major change.

For several months, the spotlight has been on electronic invoicing. There are countless posts, articles, webinars or conferences that discuss the subject and announce a professional big bang for 2024 or 2026. Suddenly, it seems that an accountant who does not precisely master the concepts of the Y or V model, Factur-X or PDP would instantly jeopardize the survival of his firm. According to some, the countdown before the end of the profession is, once again, engaged.

Others, on the contrary, are skeptical. For them, the generalization of electronic invoicing is just another announcement from Cassandre, an administrative gas plant designed by a State in need of reform.

So, between catastrophism and skepticism, where is the happy medium?

The experience of jefacture.com at the service of your firm

Jean Saphores
Jean Saphores
ECMA vice-president

At jefacture.com, we have been working on the subject of electronic invoicing for years, serving the profession.

After hundreds of meetings at the Ministry of the Economy and thousands of hours of listening to chartered accountants and their collaborators, we have formed several convictions, which we are happy to present to you in this white paper, which can be downloaded free of charge.

This document contains the keys to understanding the challenges of the generalization of electronic invoicing, but also to preparing your teams and customers for this transformation. It is designed as an entry point, to help you approach this subject calmly and factually.


Clear explanations and practical sheets to help you prepare

The white paper Electronic invoicing: get started now! answers questions you may have, today and in the months to come :

  • why generalize electronic invoicing?
  • what are the gains for companies? For administration?
  • what is electronic invoicing? What format are we talking about?
  • what do we mean by e-invoicing and e-reporting? What will be the role of future platforms?
  • which companies are involved? When ?
  • how to adapt the firm’s production methods and the commercial offer?
  • how to prepare teams and customers for this change?

This white paper also contains 2 practical sheets:

  • prepare the speech on electronic invoicing;
  • how to choose an e-invoicing platform?

A strategic issue that must be seized quickly!

The challenge of supporting customers in the generalization of electronic invoicing is major. If not advised, companies will likely default to the public billing portal. This means less added value for the manager and more complex processing for the firms.

It is therefore urgent to seize the subject, occupy the ground in terms of communication, and prepare your firm for this change! So don’t hesitate any longer, and get started now!



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At the service of the Accounting Profession, jefacture.com is a major player in the generalization of the electronic invoice announced by the public authorities.

jefacture.com brings benefits to the firm: saving time and productivity, opportunity to diversify its missions,… and its clients: reduction of costs and administrative tasks, simplification of exchanges with the firm, better management of invoices and their rules,…

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