Keymo (re)invents the stamp with an electronic key to seal and sign digital documents

There was a time when we always ran after the stamp to seal our shipments, or stamped our letters to be sent. Most of the time, you found the stamp, but not the inker and if you had a superb automatic stamp, the change of the inkwell plate often ended in a facelift of the hands covered in blue or black ink! With the digital signature, which is starting to take its marks since the confinements, we are faced with other problems. What if we switched to Keymo, an electronic and secure stamp? A French innovation, developed by the Vannes start-up Bystamp, which has just raised funds of 3 million euros, to continue the path of Keymo… An invention that the Asian markets could well snap up In the coming months. Presentation.

What is Keymo?

Bertrand Jomard, General manager of Bystamp explains in an interview granted to the Maville site that he has just been invited by the Japanese government, very interested in his electronic stamp. So let’s forget the ink pads, or even the hot wax stamps that sealed the official envelopes. The Keymo is a digital stamp which allows you to electronically sign documents in complete security. Concretely, the sensitive information of potential customers is directly integrated into the buffer and no longer in a cloud. So that should change everything. ” You should know that some countries like the United States, for example, have access to all the sensitive data of companies that sign with Americans…” explains the Ouest France website.

The data is protected and stored in a highly secure buffer space. Photo credit: Keymo

Keymo features

The Keymo is no bigger than a car key, it is obviously encrypted and completely autonomous. Technically, it is similar to the device of a bank card chip, and is affixed to a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet. An important clarification: there is no need to take out any subscription to make it work. The Keymo is a real safe since all data is protected and stored in a highly secure space buffer. It uses an innovative and patented Bluetooth pairing and authentication technology. It is also robust thanks to its plastic shell and its edges are rubber and embossed, for better grip and sealing. Finally, it is also sustainable since recyclable and works with an easily changed battery.

Who is the Keymo electronic stamp for?

The inventors of this revolutionary electronic stamp are mainly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that have to sign many papers as part of their activities… But, it could also be time saving and additional security for local authorities and large companies wishing to secure their data. We can also imagine that this digital stamp could be a mobile device for quality controls… One of its great strengths being that it can be used anywhere and even without an internet connection.

A stamp that allows you to seal and sign digital documents wherever you are without a network connection and without a subscription.
A stamp that allows you to seal and sign digital documents wherever you are without a network connection and without a subscription. Photo credit: Keymo

Keymo will be present at the Consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2023, one of the cradles of global innovations, and it should appeal to many future users. At the moment it is sold at the price of 74 € excluding taxes in certain stores specializing in office equipment and on the company’s website, where it is currently available for pre-order at a price of €59 excluding taxes. The 3 million collected during the last fundraising campaign should make it possible to double the number of employees of the company, going from 18 people to around forty, and to produce 100,000 pieces initially… A future success announced! More information ? Go to the official ByStamp website.

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