is weaning possible?

There are many studies and articles dealing with smoking cessation and its health benefits, but have you ever been interested in the particularities of nicotine withdrawal? As a highly addictive chemical, it is nicotine that makes quitting smoking so tedious. Since the arrival of the e-cigarette on the market, it is possible to control the level of nicotine actually consumed. So, is replacing cigarettes with electronic cigarettes an effective solution?

According to the 2017 Public Health Barometer, 76.3% of ex-smokers who vape or who have vaped daily for at least a month say that e‑cigarettes have helped them quit smoking. Switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes could therefore allow nicotine withdrawal. But if this weaning is made possible, how should it be operated to have every chance of working?

What is nicotine addiction?

To put an end to nicotine addiction, it is still necessary to understand how it works, since it is a physical addiction whose withdrawal symptoms can be severe! Once consumed, nicotine binds to certain receptors in the brain and causes:

  • a multiplication of receptors;
  • the release of natural chemicals that make you calm and alert;
  • a feeling of well-being;
  • a semblance of renewed energy.

The more receptors there are, the more the brain tends to demand nicotine, reaching an average level of need after a few months. The use of the electronic cigarette allows a precise calculation of the dose of nicotine ingested. This is why it is interesting for smokers who wish to quit using tools that are outside the health system.

How to achieve nicotine withdrawal with an e-cigarette?

It is the gradual drop in the level of nicotine consumed daily that allows successful nicotine withdrawal. And this gradual decline is quite simple to operate using an electronic cigarette.

Choosing the best e-cigarette

Above all, it is essential to choose the best electronic cigarette according to your consumption. To do this, you can compare electronic cigarette models and prices in stores or online. If you are wondering how to choose an electronic cigarette, certain criteria can help you, such as:

  • the power of the rechargeable battery;
  • tank capacity (also called cartridge);
  • the quality of the electrical resistance.

Follow a serious withdrawal method

To end a nicotine addiction, it is essential to measure its progress. So be sure to set a starting point before gradually reducing the level of nicotine in your electronic cigarette.

The nicotine level present in the liquid of an electronic cigarette is obviously not the only point to monitor, because increased consumption of e-liquids would distort the results. Nicotinic withdrawal carried out using an electronic cigarette therefore requires the linking and monitoring of two fundamental points:

  1. the nicotine level contained in the e-cigarette;
  2. stabilizing, then decreasing the frequency of vaping.

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