Infographics. In Lons-le-Saunier, who are the most absent municipal councilors?

Between those who are still present and those who have completely disappeared from the meetings of the municipal council, the differences are great in Lons-le-Saunier. (©Joffrey Fodimbi)

Between those who are still present and those who have completely disappeared from city ​​council meetingsthe differences are large Lons-le-Saunier. For you, we have made the accounts of theabsenteeism of your local elected officials.

And whether they are part of the majority or the opposition, their presence or not during the votes to politically defend your interests is in tune with their involvement in municipal life.

At the last municipal council dated April 4, 2022a phrase from the city councilor Jean-Philippe Huelinsole member of his independent grouphad indeed questioned us.

At the beginning of the session, addressing the mayor, the latter affirmed: “during the last municipal council meeting, dated February 21, 2022we were at 6 p.m. 19 municipal councilors out of 33which means that without the 4 municipal councilors from the minority groups, you would not have been able to have the quorum for the city council to be held. »

14.4% absence for the majority, 35.16% for the opposition

The quorum for the Lédonian municipal council, composed of 33 electedbeing set at 17, Jean-Philippe Huelin’s assertion is therefore true; even if during the session, latecomers joined the session, thus passing the number of absentees from 14 to 12.

Based on this observation, we decided to push the analysis and to count the absences of all the municipal councilors since their installation on July 4, 2020. In fact, the majority enjoys a much lower absence rate (14.4%) than that of the opposition (35.16%); Jean-Philippe Huelin, the only member of the independent group, is first in the class, with an absence rate of 0%.

If of course, other elected officials have never been absent too – like the first deputy Thomas Bartleyassistants Anne-Perrin and Thierry Gaffiotwhere city councilors Marie Pierre Maillard Where Gregory Deaf for the opposition – it turns out that for 21 monthseither the holding of 13 city council meetingsthe number of absences is increasing; on average, six at each session.

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” There is no problem “

Results in hand, so we went to question the mayor Jean-Yves Ravierand the latter, to ensure directly that “there are no more absences in our municipal council than during the previous mandate; on the contrary, it was even worse before. »

Verification made on first 13 sessions of the previous mandate chaired by Jacques Pélissard, if between March 29, 2014 and February 15, 2016many absences were indeed observed, their average number was four elected at each meeting. And the first aedile to continue, “it is the life of any assembly; people are not always available because they have a personal life, family or professional obligations. »

But the mayor recognizes it, “some may have realized that being elected represented a greater commitment than he imagined. “Proof of this is, since the establishment of the new municipal council, four elected have, it seems for this reason, resigned from their position.

“Not to mention the period of health crisis that we have just gone through; when a person does not come because he has the covidwe cannot consider that as an absence. “For Jean-Yves Ravier therefore, “there is no problem for me to have absences in the meeting; all the more so when these people give their powerand therefore voting instructions. »

“I don’t think we have a lot of absence”

On the opposition side, in which two municipal councilors accumulate nine and ten absences, its leader Christopher Bois recognizes “not having total control of the absences of our group. We are seven elected, but in fact, only five. Allan Poirson was transferred for his job, but he seems to have hopes of returning; that’s why he doesn’t resign, and gives his power every time, proof that he continues to be interested in municipal life. And Valerie Mulkowski had told us several months ago that she intended to do so, but that was not the case; it is his choice. »

Regarding the other members of his group, the chosen one also assures that “everyone cannot always be present, and finally, I do not find that we have a lot of absence. Not to mention the fact that some are sometimes sick or have personal obligations. »

“I wonder how it will end”

Finally, for Jean-Philippe Huelin, present at each municipal council since the beginning, these absences are multifactorial. “They are first of all the a sign that this kind of assembly is running out of steamwhich can also be seen in the smallest municipalities. These large assemblies where the mayor captures most of the powers no longer work well; so I understand that people are running out of steam and no longer want to commit too much. Often the chosen ones come on the mayor’s list by affinitynot out of political commitment. But getting involved then represents a obligation ; it’s not just about showing off during elections. At this rate, I wonder how this mandate will end… ”

And the elected independent to conclude: “in my opinion, the solution would be to give more space to intermunicipal cooperationmore power to this assembly which already takes many important political decisions for the territory. »

Contacted, Allan Poirson did not wish to answer our questions. Valérie Mulkowski, she let us know on April 14 that she would resign during the day.


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