‘Ia Ora Na is back for a second season!

‘Ia Ora Na! returns for a new season! Your program devoted to tourism and its professions, pursues its objective: to inform and raise awareness among Polynesians about the key role played by the country’s leading industry. For this new season, ‘Ia ora na! is carried by the duo of animators, Hinatea Colombani and Tiga.

Created in 2021, ‘Ia Ora Na is a program composed of three sections devoted to the tourist industry and the tourism economy in French Polynesia, lasting 18 minutes, broadcast on Polynésie la 1ère.

The weekly show, whose first season was a resounding success, has been renewed for a second season.

For this new season, Hinatea Colombani and Tiga invite you to discover new aspects of tourism by presenting, for example, some major events of the Polynesian calendar, by sailing on a cruise to the Marquesas Islands or by offering a focus on different islands.


In order to enhance different islands and promote their wealth, season 2 of ‘Ia Ora Na will introduce you to the islands of Makatea and Rimatara through two special episodes which will be entirely dedicated to the activities offered on these islands.

The episodes will reveal the place occupied by tourism and its impact in the development of these islands or in the various projects to come.

Among the 15 episodes offered in this new season, the show will present other topical themes such as cruising in the Marquesas Islands, the preparation of the destination in the organization of the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Teahupoo or even inclusive and sustainable tourism gaining momentum in the tourism industry in fenua.

Another novelty of this season, the arrival of a new host who is none other than Hinatea Colombani who replaces Moeana PONT-LILLO in the first section of the show.

A well-known local personality in Tahiti And Her Islands, Hinatea works particularly in the cultural and artistic fields in French Polynesia. She will share her passion and dynamism with viewers. Hinatea will also bring a touch of creativity to this 2nd season, welcoming each set guest with a personalized challenge according to the theme of the episode.

The format of the show remains unchanged, season 2 will consist of 15 episodes of 18 minutes which will be divided into 3 sections:

1. The Guest Tray

2. Employee of the week

3. Experience (La Touriste Pro)

The interview aims to reassure thanks to the experience of professionals who, despite the crisis, continue to work for the development of the sector by sometimes finding
alternative solutions that they hadn’t thought of before, and above all to encourage viewers to show solidarity with tourism by recalling good practices and to get up again.

The presenter then makes the link on the “training” and “professionalism” necessary for the development of tourism to launch the column The Employee of the week.

employee of the week

By offering a section on The Employee of the Week, who could very well be a student in training in one of the tourism professions, the objective is to give examples to young people to encourage them to train and invest in tourism.

By being “Employee of the week”, the subject becomes a model, an example for young people who will be inspired by him. As a good employee of the week, he shares with us the good practices of a good professional.

We believe that the reminder of barrier gestures can be effective in addition to institutional messages if it is the “cousin”, the “neighbor”, or the “friend” who says it on television, in the context of his work.

The Pro Tourist

“La Touriste Pro” serves several purposes. Initially, the objective is to raise awareness, inspire and involve tourism stakeholders by highlighting the importance of
the authenticity of certain aspects of the local culture, of the daily manners of the Polynesians through customs (flower necklaces), practices (tapa) or products (pineapple from Moorea).

The population is made aware of the major role it plays in tourism, whether it is an actor or a contributor.

residents to stay in our islandsby highlighting a place, an activity, the reception of Polynesians, the cuisine, its products, etc. In short, everything that contributes to making the destination Tahiti And Her Islandss unique across the world.

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