How to clean a wick or electronic kerosene stove? Full step-by-step maintenance!

Cleaning your heating appliances is important for their efficient, correct and safe operation and optimal performance. Many people wonder if the kerosene stove is harmful to health and the answer is that it certainly can be without regular maintenance. At best, it should be done every year, at the start of the cool season, before turning on the appliance for the first time and then dusting it regularly to keep it clean. But how do you clean a kerosene stove safely? Here’s what the pros say…

Virtually all kerosene heaters, whether wick or electronic, have filters that need to be cleaned. This maintenance can be done by the owner, but one should always consult the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific make and model. In general, this is what you need to do to carry out this responsible mission and clean a kerosene stove properly!

is the kerosene stove harmful to health

Unclog the grids

Whatever your model of kerosene stove, you must first dust its exterior as well as the ventilation grilles. Otherwise, fine particles will accumulate there over time and begin to give off CO and other dangerous emissions as they burn. Wipe the grid well with a clean, slightly damp cloth to remove any residue.

Clean filters

Then you have to clean the fuel tank filter, which is a more or less simple process. To do this, open the tank door of the kerosene stove and remove the pan tucked underneath. You will be able to see the filter at the bottom. Remove it and inspect it for signs of aging that will require replacing. If not, strip it by scrubbing it with a brush (an old toothbrush will do) and some kerosene stove fuel.

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Clean an electronic kerosene stove

If your kerosene stove model is electronic, it is also necessary to clean its air filter. Locate it somewhere on the back of your space heater and remove it from its holder. Then, remove the dust accumulated on the filter with a vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to the messages that appear on the screen, as they tell you about possible problems and their solutions.

Maintenance of the wick oil stove

how to avoid the smell of kerosene stoves

Since you are using a kerosene stove with a combustion wick, you will have to replace it at the start of each heating period in order to be able to enjoy your appliance without health risks and in an economical way. But how to do it ?

how to clean kerosene stove replace wick easy steps

First, remove all detachable parts of your kerosene stove, namely: the tank, the burner and the batteries located at the back. Also remove the wick lifting button on the front, unscrew the cover and remove it.

how to clean kerosene stove replace wick easy steps

Then unscrew the screws holding the wick guide and the axis of the central knob to remove the retaining stop and remove the support which guides the oil wick. All you have to do is release the drill guide and the drill bit by turning the axis of the central knob to the right completely.

Replace the old wick with a new one, making sure its hooks are in the holes of the ring. You must then put everything back in its place and turn the axis of the central knob to the left. We put the retaining stop on the axis and the drill guide back in position and we check if the drill bit slides well.

Finally, we screw the cover and replace the button, the burner, the batteries and the tank. Be aware that you must give the wick time to soak up fuel before operating your device. For this, 2.5 to 3 hours would be sufficient. Here is an educational video illustrating all the steps described above.

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