How to choose your Electronic Cigarette Kit when you start in the vape?

A declining tobacco market in France

In recent years, the tobacco market has undergone profound changes, driven by the State’s desire to reduce smoking prevalence. With the increase in taxes, the arrival of the neutral package in 2016, changes in legislation and the ban on advertising, tobacco sales have fallen considerably. However, the decline only concerns sales in tobacconists: smuggling and counterfeiting are on the increase. This explains the fact that, even if less and less tobacco is sold in France, the number of smokers is not decreasing: it still represents 31.8% of the adult population, or 13 million people. Today it is estimated that 20% of nicotine users use electronic cigarettesexclusively or in addition to tobacco.

The electronic cigarette, a less harmful alternative to tobacco

Even if today we lack hindsight to precisely measure the impact of electronic cigarettes on health, experts agree that they are much less harmful than tobacco. The vapor produced by nicotine liquids does not contain any tars or heavy metals. In addition, they are more effective in quitting smoking than other nicotine substitutes such as patches and gum, as shown in a 2019 randomized clinical study carried out in the United Kingdom. blu, a brand of the Seita group, wants to help reduce the number of smokers by offering effective and easy-to-use vaping products that respond to changes in consumption patterns. The objective is not to create vapers, but to convert smokers, whatever their age.

What is an electronic cigarette kit?

Since their invention in the mid-2000s, electronic cigarettes have come a long way. They are available today in many models, which can be classified into two families: “mod” type electronic cigarettes and “pod” electronic cigarettes. Mods are electronic cigarettes in a generally quite large format, which are composed of several removable elements: a battery, a clearomizer containing a tank and a resistor, and a mouthpiece, or “drip tip”. These electronic cigarettes are said to be “open circuit”: users recharge them themselves.

Pods, on the other hand, are closed circuit cigarettes. They work with nicotine liquid capsules, which are changed when they are empty. It is this type of electronic cigarette, discreet and elegant, of which the blu brand is the specialist today.

How to choose your electronic cigarette kit

The choice of a electronic cigarette kit must be guided by several criteria, starting with the consumption habits of each person. A heavy smoker who wants to quit smoking will rather go for a powerful mod, with a large capacity tank. A light smoker, or a smoker who wants to gradually reduce his consumption, can opt for a pod, practical and easy to maintain. Other elements come into play, such as price, battery life, design, or the type of vape desired. With direct inhalation, which is preferred by experienced vapers, the vapor passes directly from the mouth to the lungs; it requires relatively powerful hardware. Indirect inhalation, which produces sensations similar to inhaling tobacco, consists of keeping the vapor in the mouth for a few seconds. It is practiced with various types of electronic cigarette, including pods.

Where to buy your electronic cigarette kit?

The e-cigarette market is much more fragmented than the tobacco market. While traditional cigarettes are only sold in tobacconists, the kits are available in several types of outlets: tobacconists, specialized stores and websites. To deploy its blu brand, Seita has decided to rely exclusively on the network of tobacconists, who are its first prescribers, to help them reinvent their business, in a context of rising tobacco prices. It also allows blu to improve its products, taking into account feedback from tobacconists and their customers. Seita’s goal is to make blu the leader in closed system electronic cigarettes. Today, the group generates 10% of its turnover on the vape: it is only the beginning, because the potential for progress is very important.

Discover the best electronic cigarette kits

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, we can’t stop innovation. Blu is emblematic of this desire to offer ever more intuitive and efficient products: in 2018, the brand was the first to launch closed circuit electronic cigarettes in France. It designs elegant and minimalist products, which facilitate the transition from tobacco to vaping, and offer great comfort of use. After its first pod, called myblu, the brand recently launched a new generation electronic cigarette: blu 2.0. The new blu model has 15% more autonomy than its big sister, a 400 maH battery that offers a tight vapor, and ceramic capsules created thanks to PurLava technology, which allows a better diffusion of aromas and nicotine satiety. . “To make an analogy, myblu is 3G, and blu 2.0 is 5G”, explains Romain Laroche, CEO of Seita.