How to choose your e-vape ?

It is a very innovative technological device that allows smokers to vape without any risk to their health. Due to its huge potential, this little gadget has been created in many versions in the market.

As a result, many consumers do not know which one to choose.

In this post, you will discover all the selection criteria to take into account when buying an e-cigarette.

How to choose your e-vape ?

Choosing your electronic cigarette is less difficult than many think. All you have to do is base your purchase on well-defined criteria to find the vaporette that perfectly meets your needs as a smoker.

The smoking profile and the methods of inhalation

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The first criterion on which you must base yourself is your smoking profile. Indeed, no two tobacco users will ever have an identical need for inhalation. In principle, an occasional smoker will be satisfied with buying a small e-cigarette that does not require permanent recharging.

On the other hand, the regular or inveterate smoker will turn to a more compact model which offers a significant duration of vape. In addition to the level of consumption, it is essential to choose your electronic cigarette according to the type of inhalation.

In terms of vaping, there are two ways to inhale the clouds of vapor produced by the device. MTL or indirect inhalation is the most recommended method for beginners.

Because it allows a tight draw of the e-liquid. In fact, it offers the same sensations in the mouth (soft, intense hit) as the classic cigarette.

The DL vape or direct inhalation is highly recommended for experienced vapers. This is so because this method of suction takes the vapor directly to the lungs.

In addition, the smoke produced is large enough to satisfy the simple need of the beginner. However, the e-cigarette consumes a lot of e-liquid and battery.

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The battery capacities and the shape of the e-cigarette

The best electronic cigarette is also the one with an excellent battery. The latter is generally evaluated by its autonomy and its power. Autonomy represents the maximum operating time of your device. It is generally expressed in mAh. It should be noted that the higher the number in mAh, the longer the battery of your e-cigarette will last.

Power on the other hand describes the level of intensity at which your device produces smoke. It is often described in watts (w). The choice of potency should be based on the smoking profile.

A better electronic cigarette is also one that has perfect aesthetics. It is therefore essential to buy your e-cigar in a form that offers a certain ease of use.

There are generally three vaporette formats on the market: the pod, the box, the stick. It is according to this criterion that you would be able to find a cheap electronic cigarette.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

It is very advantageous to opt for the electronic cigarette to the detriment of a conventional cigarette. For good reason, the vaporette allows smokers to enjoy the pleasure of vaping without putting a strain on their body.

Indeed, this small electronic gadget does not produce any combustion, therefore no carcinogenic substance. In addition, it eliminates the strong smells of smoke and cold tobacco. As a result, you will regain your sense of smell, taste and good breathing.

At the therapeutic level, it should be noted that the use of a better electronic cigarette greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular crisis and relapse to tobacco. Indeed, the e-cigarette is a better smoking cessation solution than other nicotine substitutes.

How to choose your e-liquid?

When choosing the vape as a means of consumption, it is important not to leave anything to chance. As much as it is important to choose the right electronic cigarette, it is essential to choose a good e-liquid. The e-liquid is all the more important because it is what produces the vapor of the e-cigar.

To find the one that suits your needs, it is initially advisable to base your choice on the rate and type of nicotine present in the latter. Moreover, the preferred dose will depend on your smoking profile and your nicotine needs.

In a second, you have to do a little study on the basic composition of the e-liquid. These are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Each container offers quite different hit sensations. For information, the first offers great power compared to the second.

Finally, we must turn to the flavor of the e-liquid. Today, there is a wide variety of tastes for e-liquid on the market. The choice is a personal matter. But the most popular flavors are mango, mint, sweets.

In short, to choose your electronic cigarette, you have to base yourself on your need for consumption, the level of inhalation, the shape of the device and the capacities of the battery. Do not forget to choose your e-liquid carefully.

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