how Microsoft wants to use the AI ​​star to help artists

Microsoft presents a new application natively integrating the famous DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence capable of generating images from text.

A set of images generated with Dall-E 2 related to design and computer work // Source: Montage Frandroid

It is difficult — if not impossible — for those who regularly surf the global internet to miss the craze around artificial intelligence capable of generating images from a simple textual description. Among these AIs that promise a new era in creative professions, DALL-E 2 has particularly caught the eye. In particular that of Microsoft which, on the occasion of its Surface Event 2022, presented a new application which relies on this AI.

So here is the Microsoft Designer software “a new graphic design app in Microsoft 365“. This one is doped with “best AI including DALL-E 2“. The Redmond firm promises that its tool is designed to “bring your creative visions to life“.

Generate images with DALL-E 2 and Microsoft Designer

Panos Panay, the boss of the Surface division, affirms that this application notably makes it possible to create content of all kinds, but that the integration of DALL-E 2 will “change the game“.

Microsoft Designer with DALL-E 2 // Source: Microsoft

Thanks to the AI ​​powered by OpenAI, designers will indeed be able to automatically generate several images that promise to be unique.

The integration of Microsoft AI and DALL-E 2 into our new Microsoft Designer app is an amazing example of how AI helps blur the lines between platform, device and cloud, all of this so you can express yourself even better. Save time and improve creative results, no matter your level of expertise.

Microsoft does not want to stop in such a good way. “We will soon be bringing these Microsoft Creator tools – including DALL∙E 2 integration – to Bing and Edge with Image Creator.»

AI and humans

According to Microsoft’s promises, this integration of Dall-E 2 should represent a real boost for professionals. We have good reason to believe it, because several demonstrations of this AI have been particularly impressive.

Image generations with AI (including DALL-E 2) on Bing and Edge // Source: Microsoft

On the other hand, as we can see on the image in one of this article, the version of DALL-E accessible online for free is still perfectible (and it is quite normal). Remember in this regard that the purpose of AI – especially in the context of Microsoft Designers – is to help professionals (to find inspiration for example) and not to do the work for them. At least not for the moment. Things are going very quickly since there are even AI capable of generating short videos from text.

Finally, note that Microsoft also presented a Surface Pro 9 tablet, a Surface Laptop 5 laptop, an all-in-one Surface Studio 2+ or even an audio speaker designed to better organize the cables on your desk.

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