GET Electronique, the inclusive company from Tarn that extends the life of electronic systems

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The Castres-based company GET Electronique, a subsidiary of the Spherea France group, is technically and humanly capable of maintaining complex electronic and software systems by having the capacity, through its 30 years of experience, to manage issues related to obsolescence through repair, preservation and cloning of components that are no longer manufactured. A real know-how recognized and recently rewarded during the Septuors 2022 of the Tarn.

The unfailing enthusiasm and professionalism of the managers of GET Electronique, one of the Castres companies of the Spherea France group, were once again singled out during the Tarn Septuors 2022, organized on November 2, in particular by obtaining the special CCI 81 prize. A real recognition for this company family specializing in electronics for more than 30 years and which has the particularity of extending the life of its customers’ electronic systems.

Today, GET Electronique is a team of 70 to 80 people who work in Castres, Bagnols-sur-Cèze (30) and Cherbourg (50), but also employees who work directly with the client.

An activity qualified as “eco-socio responsible” which is resolutely in the era of time with the question of planned obsolescence which affects the markets of industry, aeronautics, nuclear but also defence. For this, the company from Castres deals with both repair and cloning capacities of electronic cards in order to extend the production chain of many players, particularly in the field of medicine. “Faced with the current energy difficulties, we offer real solutions with sustainability and storage plans that will allow our customers to use their systems for more than 30 years. Being able to make it last is a very important concept for our activity“, says Michel Lambert, Deputy Chairman of GET Electronique.

A rather rare and nearby skill

Today, thanks to its unique know-how, GET Electronique works both for major national manufacturers such as Thalès, EDF, Safran and Airbus, but also for local entrepreneurs and manufacturers. “Often, our customers need proximity and speed. For things that everyone repairs, large groups do not systematically involve us because they have their own repair and maintenance contracts and therefore go through their usual circuit. But for specific cards, the ‘five-legged sheep’ as they say, they call on us and there, the local presence takes on its full value”, adds Armelle Delporte, human resources manager.

In the future, always with this desire to move forward and move the lines, GET Electronique plans to modernize its public relations and communication tools for a “better overview” of the company’s information system.

Bridgelec, the only adapted company in the South Tarn

GET Electronique is a company that also cultivates civic values. Since 2016, thehe site hosts the subsidiary Bridgelec, an adapted company which employs more than 70% of people with disabilities for wired cabling activities. Employees who, for the most part, have learned a new job when they join the group.

GET Electronique and Bridgelec, two complementary companies that work together for the same customers and markets but with different businesses in terms of activity. “At GET Electronique, everything is obsolete with very old components and old equipment. Everything has already had a life, whereas at Bridgelec, we are really manufacturing and assembling new products”, explains Armelle Delporte. “And what is interesting is that at the start, GET Electronique was winning orders and subcontracting the labor part to Bridgelec. Today, the trend is starting to reverse and customers are placing orders directly to Bridgelec, which has been referenced as the main supplier to Airbus, Thalès, Spherea and Rockwell Collins. It is a real success since it has been two years in a row that the turnover has exceeded one million euros. a great success in a context where the aeronautics market has suffered a major and unprecedented crisis”, adds the human resources manager.

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