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The Lippert group, through its Furrion brand, is preparing to market the Vision S kit. This surveillance system uses two, three or four wireless cameras, linked to a color control screen located in the driving position . The set allows you to view the surroundings of the motorhome over almost 360°.

Thanks to the Furrion Vision S system, the driver can perform parking and reversing maneuvers with complete peace of mind. The wireless cameras developed for this kit also make it possible to avoid blind spots, in traffic, or to ensure complete surveillance around the motorhome, when it is stopped in a rest area.

They are very reliable thanks to digital wireless communications (at 2.4 GHz) which simplify assembly and guarantee good stability and a range of around 150 meters. All cameras in the Furrion range offer clear images, wide viewing angles and excellent night vision. These can be transmitted on a 4.3″, 5″ or 7″ color screen, depending on the space available in the driving position. It is even possible to view all the images simultaneously from the side and rear cameras, as well as those mounted on the doors. The smaller monitor displays the feed from a single camera. The other two, larger ones, integrate up to four feeds at the same time (or separately) to obtain a vision on a wide angle. 360°.

Furrion Vision S kit: electronic eyes for your motorhome
Furrion Vision S kit: electronic eyes for your motorhome©DR

Furrion offers its cameras in different versions. One is mounted on the rear of the vehicle or on the door of the van. Others are designed to be attached to the sides. This side version, which includes clearance lights, can therefore replace an existing lighting system in complete safety. Finally, the 4-camera kit also includes a model for the front. A microphone, placed in the rear camera, even allows instructions to be given from the outside. Once the vehicle is parked, this equipment offers an optimal view of the surrounding situation. The system is equipped with a motion sensor that automatically activates when triggered. Equipped with a fan and a table stand, it can be easily moved around the motorhome, or even outside, provided you have a 12V power supply. The user can then keep an eye on the situation around the vehicle at all times. Images are only displayed with a lag of 0.2 seconds. All of these products can be purchased separately or as a kit. The most complete contains the rear camera, two side cameras and a monitor. It can be completed with an optional door camera. The basic kit only contains the rear camera and a monitor. If you opt for the 5 or 7″ monitor, you can expand the system according to your needs later.

Furrion Vision S kit, 360° electronic eyes for your motorhome
Furrion Vision S kit, 360° electronic eyes for your motorhome©DR

Furrion will offer its Vision S kit in five variants (with one, two, three or even four cameras) some of which can be delivered with or without a control screen depending on the needs of the user and his vehicle (pre-equipped or not). a color monitor).

Recommended prices (excluding installation): from €207 (rear camera only) to €1,139 (4 cameras and 7″ monitor)

Info: www.furrion.com

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