From AI software to VR glasses: the digital upgrade for construction companies

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Many companies have relied on digital solutions to remain competitive. Only the construction industry is still hesitating. But here too there are many innovations in which it is worth investing. The sale of old construction machines makes it possible to create the necessary capital in this respect.

Despite the pandemic, the construction industry has been able to draw up a positive balance sheet for the past two years. Numerous orders have led to a real boom in the sector and made companies optimistic about their future. However, due to political tensions, shortage of raw materials and inflation the recovery seems to have come to an end. The expectation indicator of the Ifo institute, which measures the business climate in Germany, fell sharply for the first time in years. Orders are falling and competition between companies is intensifying. But how do you impose yourself on the market?

Investing for the future

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By modernizing your business, you can stay competitive and drive the digital revolution forward. What many metal or woodworking companies are already implementing seems to be met with reluctance in the construction sector. Many are those who do not have a digitalization strategy for their company or who fear implementation. Because an update with new software or new technology is primarily synonymous with costs and effort.

Nevertheless, the shift from established construction machinery technology to digital progress is necessary – as it not only improves the construction process, but also helps to meet the growing requirements for urban development for the present and the future. Indeed, expectations in terms of environmental protection and quality of life are increasing and the modernization of industry goes hand in hand with modern and sustainable projects.

From new software to high-tech robots

There are many angles of approach in the modern construction industry. New technologies, such as management and analysis software, blockchain, 3D modeling and AI, can come into play at different times: for example, when planning a project and the materials needed, to faster execution or for improved workflow and collaboration on the job site. Used wisely, processes can be improved and resources saved, reducing costs for the customer.

The attractiveness of the company when placing an order increases.
On the construction site itself, there are also technologies that can simplify and complement the processes. Thus, drones can help monitor large construction sites. With laser scanners it is possible to precisely measure the environment and with VR glasses buildings and infrastructure can already be digitally projected onto their future location.

A modernization that has long since become the norm, but which can also add value in the sector, is the use of robots. These work with precision and speed and can offer a solution in the event of a shortage of skilled labour.

The sale of used machines, the cornerstone of digitization

Yet, implementing modernization in one’s own business can fail due to a lack of budget. Many contractors are unaware that old, depreciated construction machinery is not dead capital. Instead of scrapping them or selling them at too low a price, it is worth bringing them to market with the help of experienced professionals. Industrial auction houses can help construction companies market their used excavators, graders and cranes beyond their borders.

Surplex, for example, offers a complete service from a single source, from the initial assessment to shipping and invoicing: Experts in 15 European countries sell used construction machinery to the best possible prices. Selling used machinery not only gives it a second life and thus helps the environment – ​​it frees up unused budget to modernize one’s own business. Construction companies thus remain up-to-date and competitive, even in the current difficult market situation.

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