For the first time, a virtual robot equipped with AI becomes CEO of a large company

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Since the surge of enthusiasm for the metaverse, including the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet (such as Mark Zuckerberg), the projects of technology companies around the metaverse have abounded. For the first time in the world, one of the largest Chinese companies working in the design of video games, NetDragon Websoft, has elected a virtual humanoid robot as CEO of one of its flagship subsidiaries (in Fujian). Occupying the highest decision-making position, the robot guided by artificial intelligence will optimize the performance of the company, in particular through rational and completely transparent decision-making. This is an “AI+management” strategy, representing a major step forward in the company’s desire to move closer to a metaverse-oriented organization.

Founded in 1999, NetDragon Websoft is one of the world’s best-known video game developers, especially for online games Eudemons online , evolved hero , conquer online and Under oath. Through these virtual spaces, the company contributes to the creation of online communities with millions of people around the world. In view of its performance, the company now weighs several million dollars, and has several subsidiaries in China.

“Madame Tang Yu”, the newly elected CEO, leads one of the company’s largest subsidiaries: Fujian NetDragon Websoft. NetDragon Websoft believes it is taking its performance to the next level through an AI-driven management strategy. ” We believe AI is the future of business management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace AI to transform the way we operate our business. “Explains in a press release Dejian Liu, president of NetDragon Websoft.

Tang Yu would notably make it possible to rationalize process flows, improve the quality of work tasks as well as their speed of execution. This facet of AI could improve employee performance by providing them with an efficient and fair workplace. The robot also has the ability to store data in real time and analyze it to arrive at rational decisions on a daily basis. Thanks to powerful algorithms, the robot could also ensure optimal risk management. Another big plus, Madame Tang Yu is arguably the only leader in the world who is efficient 24 hours a day and never needs rest.

Objective: a model based on the metaverse

At this time, the company has not yet provided many details about the features of Madame Tang Yu, but adopting this strategy is a major step in the business world. For NetDragon Websoft, the next step will be to gradually develop the algorithms governing the CEO robot to achieve an open, interactive and transparent management model. Eventually, the management of the company can be done through a working community based on interactions in the metaverse, ” which will enable us to attract a much broader base of talent from around the world and position us to achieve more ambitious goals said Dejian Liu.

The cybercommunities brought together through the online games developed by the company are already experiencing a kind of world similar to the concept of the metaverse. As online games currently offer services and functionalities that can extend to certain aspects of our lives (via characters or avatars), these are the closest experiences to the metaverse. NetDragon Websoft is the first company in the world to truly adopt the concept in the context of work, where it believes there would be many benefits with the global rise in the trend of remote working.

We do not know more about the acceptance rate of this revolution in the world of work, for the moment. In particular, it should be kept in mind that when AIs have intervened in certain aspects of human life, they have tended to arouse controversy.

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