European leader in the electronic cigarette sector, Le Petit Vapoteur exceeds 2 million customers

Le Petit Vapoteur, European leader in the electronic cigarette sector The Little Vaper

Created in 2010, “Le Petit Vapoteur” has established itself as the European leader in the electronic cigarette sales sector. With more than 6,500 orders per day, the French company has just passed the 2 million customer mark and it does not intend to stop there.

“Tobacco is taboo, we will all overcome it”. Famous phrase from the movie “Le Pari” with Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan, quitting smoking has always been one of the most difficult things in the world. Number one of the good resolutions on New Year’s Eve, the desire to quit smoking has now found a weighty ally. Drastically reducing exposure to tobacco toxins, the electronic cigarette is far from being a smokescreen for those who wish to quit smoking. Officially recognized as a risk reduction tool, the e-cigarette helps support weaning until the definitive cessation of smoking. And when it comes to electronic cigarettes, Le Petit Vapoteur is never far away.

Le Petit Vapoteur: the beautiful story of a friendship that has become a success story

At first there were only two. Two friends wishing to quit smoking and discovering the electronic cigarette as a serious alternative to patches and other hypnosis sessions. It was in 2010 that Olivier Dréan and Tanguy Gréard decided to create an online sales site dedicated to electronic cigarettes, Coincidence or bright idea, the e-cigarette market is booming and Le Petit Vapoteur for its part continues its exponential growth.

While 2013 corresponds to the inauguration of the first “LPV” store in Cherbourg, it is in 2015 that the French company takes a new step.

If the beautiful story had started in the attic of a small family home, Le Petit Vapoteur will become even more professional with the move into a 700 m2 room and the expansion of the team participating in the development of the company. .

Two years later, the growth and influence of the company will allow “LPV” to rise to second place in the Inc. 500 Europe ranking, rewarding European companies that have experienced the strongest growth. With a turnover exceeding 100 million euros for the first time, in 2021, Le Petit Vapoteur has established itself in less than a decade as the European leader in its sector and as one of the 100 e-commerce most visited by the French.

Today, with more than 6,500 orders per day, 280 employees and around fifty stores in France, a new milestone is about to be reached. That of 2 million customers!

Le Petit Vapoteur passes the milestone of “2 million thanks”

Only two years after passing the symbolic milestone of one million customers, Le Petit Vapoteur has just passed the second. Pride and accomplishment for Olivier and Tanguy: “In our minds, it was yesterday and yet, today, we are already celebrating the two million registrants. This new level rewards a formidable adventure that we started together, a little over 10 years ago”. A meteoric rise and the feeling of having succeeded in “making the electronic cigarette accessible to the greatest number of smokers in order to facilitate their smoking cessation”. A success that the two friends dedicate to their teams and to all those who believed in this project: “Together, we have become the leaders in the online sale of e-cigarettes and an essential reference for French vapers. The latter also show us their confidence by advising our site or our physical stores to their entourage”. However, nothing was easy and the advertising obstacle could have killed the project in the bud: “Deprived of the possibility of advertising since 2016, this word of mouth has become the main driver of our exceptional growth. . We therefore take advantage of this great opportunity to send them two million thanks! “.

Le Petit Vapoteur and the ambition to become the world leader in the electronic cigarette market

If the appetite comes with eating, that of the e-cigarette company is gigantic. Not satisfied with having reached the bar of 2 million customers, Le Petit Vapoteur has great expectations for the future. The ambition is to become the omnichannel world leader in electronic cigarettes. For this, “LPV” has already planned to create new e-liquids, but also to develop through one or more companies and thus impose itself a little more in this sector. Communication and brand image will also be at the heart of the company’s development with the desire to forge strategic partnerships with other industrial companies and thus reach an even larger core target. Finally, Le Petit Vapoteur continues to develop its PRO offer with its e-liquid and equipment wholesaler service available for over a year and a half for all vaping professionals!

If the present is already crowned with success, the future looks bright for Le Petit Vapoteur.

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