ESIGELEC launches the ROOC training platform (Robotics and connected objects)

It is within the framework of the Call for projects “Higher Education and Research” that ESIGELEC received the support of Métropole Rouen Normandie to launch the “ROOC Platform” project. The latter aims to develop an online platform allowing the provision via the Internet of complex cyber-physical systems (mobile robots, manipulator robots, embedded systems, connected objects, etc.) for scientific research, distance learning and partnership innovation. .

ESIGELEC, a large private school with non-profit association status, training around 400 general engineers each year in the field of Intelligent and Connected Systems, is located in the Technopôle du Madrillet, in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen. It is one of the few private engineering schools in France to have its own research laboratory: IRSEEM (Institute for Research in Embedded Systems), moreover labeled as a reception team by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

This integration between the engineering school and the research laboratory allows it to have large technological platforms (vehicle test bench, laboratory for the autonomous navigation of cars and mobile robots, anechoic chambers for electromagnetic compatibility, etc.) and a team competent in many fields (AI, electronics, IT, automation, instrumentation, embedded systems, robotics, autonomous vehicle, etc.).

The ROOC platform

The idea is to apply cloud computing technologies to robots to allow students to use them independently on site and remotely, via the internet (engineering program or continuing education) but also for partnership research, innovation industry and technology transfer.

The particularity of this platform is the provision of cyber-physical systems, therefore interacting with their environment. Given that visual feedback is essential, it will be equipped with a telepresence system comprising 20 video cameras and an image processing server equipped with vision algorithms developed within ESIGELEC’s IRSEEM research laboratory. This system will provide users with complete views of the system they are programming and testing, allowing them to interact effectively.

Each robot accessible via the ROOC platform will be placed in a dedicated physical environment allowing a wide variety of applications, while guaranteeing the security of the systems. All equipment (robots, embedded systems and computer servers) is hosted at ESIGELEC.

Creation of four laboratories: AI, Edge Computing, Industrial Robotics and Mobile Robotics

Laboratories ” AI ” and ” Edge Computing which should be operational by the end of 2022, will provide access to computing resources for AI work and to “Beagle Bone” and “Nvidia Jetson TX2” single-card computers for training in programming of embedded systems under Linux.

For their part, the two other laboratories, which will be commissioned in 2023, will have fifteen educational robots:

  • The laboratory ” Industrial robotics will have 3 “Universal Robots UR3” robots equipped with a gripper and an industrial camera;
  • The laboratory ” Mobile robotics will be equipped with 12 “DJI RoboMaster EP” holonomic mobile robots equipped with an on-board camera and a gripper.

ESIGELEC does not exclude the addition of new laboratories offering different systems according to future needs.

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