“Electronic voting has put an end to fraud”, explains a constitutional expert

Lula came first in the first round of the Brazilian presidential election, with 48.4% of the vote. He is five points ahead of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro. In Brazil, “everyone votes electronically.”

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In Brazil, “Electronic voting has put an end to the fraud that previously existed with paper voting”explained Monday, October 3 on franceinfo Jean-Philippe Derosier, constitutionalist, professor of public law at the University of Lille and present in Brazil as President of the Scientific Council of the Brazilian election observation mission. Lula is slightly ahead in the first round of the presidential election against Jair Bolsonaro, who got a better than expected result.

franceinfo: What did you notice during these elections?

Jean-Philippe Derosier : The conclusion is unanimous enough to say that things went perfectly. The polls gave Jair Bolsonaro 10 to 15 points behind Lula and finally he is 5 points behind. Jair Bolsonaro has constantly challenged the electoral process and in particular the electronic voting mechanism which is reliable, secure, perfectly organized and can lead to satisfactory results for everyone and in particular for democracy.

Everyone votes electronically in Brazil. How does it work?

Yes, everyone votes electronically and voting is compulsory in Brazil for those over 18 and under 70. To vote, you identify yourself biometrically and then you go to a voting booth where there is a voting machine and you type in the numbers that correspond to the candidate and confirm your vote. There are several checks that are made throughout the election day. It’s called an integrity test. This is done on the basis of machines that were drawn the day before and all day officials check the reliability of the machines by comparing the electronic vote and the votes recorded in the computer to see if the figures correspond well . In the entire history of electronic voting in Brazil, there has never been a lag.

Were there suspicions of fraud?

Suspicions there are, but they are fed by the Bolsonarist camp if not by Bolsonaro himself. On the contrary, electronic voting has made it possible to put an end to the fraud that previously existed with paper voting. This is why electronic voting was introduced and why it is popular. More than 70% of the Brazilian population has confidence in electronic voting and support for all elections. The machine is reliable and cannot be manipulated from the outside because it is not connected to any internet network. It is only connected to electricity.

Why does Jair Bolsonaro criticize this system?

He is a far-right candidate, he challenges the system, democracy, he is a supporter of disinformation and he sensed that the elections might cause him to lose. He is in second position and we will see what the second round gives in 4 weeks. This was part of his bad anti-democratic arguments.

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