“Electronic document management is a lever for competitiveness”

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] While many companies have begun their digital transformation, electronic document management (EDM) is becoming an essential element of this transformation. Update with Denis Blampoix, Chief Operating Officer at systhen.

Do companies require electronic document management solutions?

The Covid crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of companies with, in particular, much more hybrid and nomadic work habits which today represent new challenges. From now on, there is a real need for the management of electronic documents. Where previously it was necessary to classify paper documents, today it is necessary to classify digital files and make them accessible remotely. In addition and beyond the evolutions of the ways of collaborating, it is also all the incoming flow of information which must respect a legal framework which has not ceased to evolve in recent years: the electronic signature, the GDPR reform, the electronic invoice in 2024, etc. Systhen teams help organizations prepare and be better equipped by providing action levers to adapt and structure themselves in order to initiate their digital transformation.

Can EDM serve as a lever for competitiveness?

Indeed, EDM can be a real lever of competitiveness for companies, visible in two aspects: the first is related to the fluidification of document management. Thanks to Electronic Document Management, each document is accessible by all authorized users, wherever they are. Access to these unique files thus avoids duplicates and incessant exchanges of emails which can be a source of confusion and loss of time. The second is related to the fact that streamlining document management improves collaboration and information sharing (emails, invoices, purchase orders) within teams. They are thus more efficient and avoid time-consuming tasks to focus on value-added actions. Optimizing the documentary cycle also means optimizing costs with, for example, a 70% reduction in processing costs for an invoice in electronic format.

Beyond EDM, you need to have an overview of the document life cycle within your company, from document capture to archiving. It is this vision that we carry with systhen. We are able to automate and simplify all of the organizations’ document processes. And this in order to optimize overall performance and above all to adapt to the legal framework!

The question of collaboration and information sharing still comes up against the existence of silos in companies…

Indeed, there are too many silos in all organizations which are an obstacle to cross-functional information sharing. Today there are no natural data management tools. Each company has a server which over the years becomes difficult to manage, the information exists in duplicate then the files are transmitted by email. The multiplication of media is a real risk for the company and perhaps a danger for the security of the data and its good backup. It is therefore essential to be able to distribute it in a structured way and to secure it on a GED. Moreover, our teams are not intended to reorganize the entire internal organization of a structure by integrating our EDM solutions but adapt to each case for a simple and accessible implementation for all.

How to stick as closely as possible to the real needs of user companies?

systhen is a value-added distributor and solutions integrator. We have been working with market leaders for 25 years for each of our solutions: from document scanners to EDM, including Electronic Invoicing. We put everything in place to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and a good understanding of their needs thanks to tailor-made support. Beyond the ROI, even if it is essential, our mission is to bring an implementation and an optimal use of each solution with trainings and a personalized follow-up of the Audit until the deployment. We have developed a method based on proximity to our customers, one of our core values. We understand the challenges that arise, how they are organized, the processes used to improve them. Today, systhen covers the whole of France thanks to regional sales representatives and experts, project managers trained by our publishing partners and after-sales, maintenance and hotline follow-up.

Companies today must be very proactive in terms of CSR. How is this expressed in your field?

We know from experience that the management of document flows, if it is not well organized, is a source of error and unnecessarily mobilizes teams. Uncontrolled digital transformation thus inevitably leads to the creation of digital pollution and many companies suffer from it. Today, we have a solution, recognized on the market, which helps with GDPR compliance and allows the elimination of duplicate files and other obsolete files which occupy a lot of space on company servers. Moreover, recent history has shown us the cost and energy generated by data centers and servers polluted with data that are no longer essential to the company. It is therefore the responsibility of players like systhen to limit this digital pollution and to provide companies with solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

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