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Cigarettes are harmful to the health of smokers and those around them because of their thousands of chemical compounds, of which at least 50 are carcinogenic. But quitting smoking isn’t that easy and some people need help.

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Choosing an electronic cigarette has therefore become the solution for many people. It was invented with the idea of ​​a smoking cessation aid.

Although it has been recognized as a smoking cessation aid in several countries, the WHO would like to point out that an electronic cigarette should not be used lightly and that it too has contraindications for smoking. health.

The electronic cigarette in France

The electronic cigarette appeared on the market in 2007 and arrived in France in 2010. After timid beginnings, it has experienced rapid growth.

Indeed, the electronic cigarette has become an effective smoking cessation tool for many people. According to a 2019 study published by the National Public Health Agency France, 700,000 smokers have successfully quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes.

This could be explained by three main reasons. First, the electronic cigarette allows you to maintain your smoking habits and habits. Then, it dispenses nicotine in puffs, like a cigarette and not a patch that dispenses it continuously. And finally, thanks to the different dosages of the nicotine level in e-liquids, everyone can reduce their addiction at their own pace.

Thus, it is estimated today that there are 3 million vapers in France, compared to 15 million smokers.

Electronic cigarette: 10 years of crazy growth

The boom in the electronic cigarette market in France first took place in 2017 and then in 2018. Indeed, in these two years, the growth in sales of products related to electronic cigarettes increased by 15% and then 21% respectively.

On the professional side, it was first the enthusiasts who started to enter the market. Quickly joined by entrepreneurs who smelled the good deal. Shops have grown in France at full speed.

But between 2015 and 2017, many shops went out of business. It was at this time that the professional union AIDUCE was created to represent the sector.

In 2019, the specialized institute PGVG Marketing identified around 3,000 electronic cigarette shops in France.

The growth of the electronic cigarette continues

The electronic cigarette sector is one of the few not to have been impacted by the global health crisis. On the contrary, the electronic cigarette market has continued to grow: between 5 to 10% over the past three years.

This growth is also driven by the price of tobacco, which has been rising steadily for fifteen years. Since the beginning of 2022, a pack of cigarettes has been at a minimum of €10.

Thus, in 2021, the electronic cigarette market in France was valued at 910 million euros. Professional forecasts estimate that it should exceed one billion by 2024.

Electronic cigarette: an ultra-competitive market

Despite strong growth recorded, the electronic cigarette is still facing many uncertainties. Indeed, the sector faces constantly changing European regulations, but also pressure from certain lobbies.

Between industry leaders, small independent shops and vapers, the war is raging. The only argument of smoking cessation is no longer enough, customers want to be advised, accompanied and be able to obtain an electronic cigarette that meets their needs and desires. Varied choices, unique e-liquids, innovations and customer satisfaction are the watchwords of the current electronic cigarette market.

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