Electronic cigarette and puff, a good alternative to tobacco?

The electronic cigarette can overcome the addiction while remaining an addiction

In everyone’s hands, on everyone’s lips, everywhere in open spaces, we come across it more and more: it is of course the electronic cigarette, the disposable version of which is called Puff. They have conquered spaces, seduced consumers and raised many questions. Are they really a good way to quit smoking? Are they so neutral in toxic products as described by their manufacturers? What does the famous liquid contain? So many questions to which market players are trying to provide answers with the greatest transparency.

Present on the market since 2010 in France, the electronic cigarette is an alternative way to consume nicotine without the cigarette itself. Replacing one addiction with another, is that really a good solution? In reality, the problem is not quite there. The toxicity of the classic cigarette lies mainly in the additive products and the combustion. However, the electronic cigarette does not include all these products, does not burn and only contains dangerous substances in its composition, nicotine. The latter leads to a strong dependence. But the difference between addiction and dependence lies in the real danger to health that addiction poses.

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