Electric car: he invents a “battery regenerator” that uses AI and machine learning

Last month, Bhagwandeen was admitted as one of the semi-finalists at world level. His invention is the first green energy project in Trinidad and Tobago to still be in the race in this phase of the competition. The researcher’s project is now one of the 16 best in the world, and we know that no other Caribbean country has yet gone so far in 10 years. The ClimateLaunchpad global competition is funded by the European Union, Bank of America, and other organizations. The winner of the competition will be known on November 3.

The reason behind this regenerator idea

According to Bhagwandeen’s explanations, the initial concept came to him because of the increasing cost of replacing batteries on electric vehicles. He also wanted to create indigenous technology solutions as a business model. Bhagwandeen says he focused on the second life of rechargeable batteries and reconditioning efforts. These batteries have, in fact, become the basis of energy storage in today’s society. They can be found almost everywhere, in portable devices, electric vehicles, and in most renewable energy solutions. Regarding the rewards, Bhagwandeen said that the battery regeneration solution he developed before had already been awarded three times: it has been awarded twice by the government of Trinidad and Tobago, and once by the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre. Recently, its solution was recognized by the BASEL convention headquartered in Switzerland. According to the researcher, the new system for electric and hybrid vehicles is the evolution of this previous invention.

The Battery Alchemist, a hybrid electric vehicle battery regeneration device, invented by Ancel Bhagwandeen. Photo credit: Daily Express

How does the new system work?

According to Bhagwandeen’s explanations, the Battery Alchemist is a portable, cost-effective device that is suitable for the Caribbean region. It requires little training or deployment cost. Its use will allow an 80 to 90% reduction in costs battery replacement for electric cars, and it will be available around the middle of 2023. The price of the small model should be around 2,000 euros. On the technical side, the researcher explains that it is an electronic device that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to electrochemically evaluate and repair used batteries. The Battery Alchemist is based on the principle of electro-sonication which uses the variable process called pulsing to break down and repair chemical imbalances that cause batteries to fail progressively.

A long way to go

There is still a long way to go for Bhagwandeen and his invention. Although the prototype was validated by the UTT Engineering Faculty in 2020, its attempt to obtain funding to create a minimum viable product was refused in August 2022 by the Future of Innovation program of the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute. However, the researcher has hope since his creation has received the support of several international organizationswhich gave him the motivation to participate in the ClimateLaunchpad competition. Bhagwandeen hopes it will interest potential investors and partners through the exposure the event provides.


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