Edison email adds new smart subscription information and timed digest options

Edison Mail, the popular iOS and Android email app, today released an update adding two new features to its Subscriptions Assistant tool. Subscription insights will help you see email clutter before it overwhelms your inbox, and a new digest timer helps you control when your favorite subscriptions hit inboxes.

The new Subscriptions Assistant will take care of your inbox so you can focus on the highest priority tasks and messages.

We’re on a mission to make your inbox a less stressful place, and our latest update delivers on that promise. The fatigue you get from having too many emails cluttering your inbox doesn’t get better fast enough,” said Jeff Pearsall, vice president of design for Edison Mail. “Our team has spent months researching more effective ways to provide relief from email overload and we’re confident that anyone who’s felt the pain of cleaning their inbox of spam every day will appreciate it. and will immediately benefit from our new subscription information and timed summary functionality.

Edison notes that industry research indicates the average office worker receives 121 emails per day, and other research shows that up to 85% of all emails sent are spam. According to research conducted by the company itself, more than half of Americans say they still suffer from receiving too much email, and nearly 70% say that notifications and messages interfere with their productivity.

All features included in Edison’s Subscription Assistant:

  • Subscription Information – Automatic measurement of the email subscriptions you open the most and the least works smartly behind the scenes to provide a simple dashboard, so you can quickly assess the unsubscribe potential for each sender.
  • Timed Subscription Summary – Schedule a group of email subscriptions to arrive in your inbox at the time you set (skipping all notifications until then) so they can be reviewed and managed as one single list. Bulk delete, unsubscribe or flag for further action on individual newsletters or sort them individually.
  • One-click unsubscribe – With just one click, you can order unwanted subscription emails to be sent to your trash and never take up space in your inbox again.
  • Subscription Manager – Easily view your personalized list of email subscriptions across all your accounts on a convenient split screen, making it easy to review the lists you’ve created.

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