E-liquids for electronic cigarettes: the 6 main flavors

Enter the realm of gustatory pleasure by discovering the six main families of e-liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes.

Each vape experience becomes unforgettable and unique by opting for the e-liquid with which you share the most affinity. A whole palette of Classics, fruity, fresh fruity, gourmet, mint and drink flavors is revealed before your eyes. All you have to do is add it to your e-cig and let’s go for a moment of relaxation.

Full Vap advisers are attentive to your needs and preferences to find THE e-liquid that will make your taste buds dance.

Classic e-liquids

From blond tobacco to brown tobacco, Classics e-liquids are essential in the world of vaping. They are appreciated as much by first-time vapers in the process of progressive weaning, as by experienced vapers because they restore the aromatic universe to which they are sensitive. At Full Vap, lovers of Classics e-liquids will be able to find what they are looking for with the range of French Colombo e-liquids from DMK Juices. Full Vap’s advisors are attentive to your needs and preferences to find THE e-liquids for electronic cigarettes that will make your taste buds dance.

Fruity e-liquids

Fruit lovers will be able to throw themselves body and soul on the fruity e-liquids to find the crunch of a tangy apple, the juicy nectar of a peach, project themselves on a Caribbean beach with delicious exotic fruits or on a pretty Provencal terrace. Would you be tempted to taste the fruity e-liquids from the French Superdrip range designed by DMK Juices? In particular, you could set your sights on the legendary fruity e-liquids from Curieux, l’Artisan, Liquideo and Tasty Collection. A type of electronic cigarette flavor appreciated by vapers.

Fresh fruity e-liquids

For a touch of freshness, while remaining in the olfactory bubble of fruit, there are fresh fruity e-liquids. They give vapers a fresh and energizing vaping experience that will remind you of pleasant summer days. Lemons, pineapple, watermelon, melons, mangoes, passion fruit… there are a multitude of flavors at your fingertips! The new range of Casa Del Vapor e-liquids developed by DMK Juices presents Nairobi with strawberry and kiwi flavor, seductive Tokyo with dragon fruit and intrepid Denver with a good dose of coconut.

e-liquids electronic cigarette flavors

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Gourmet e-liquids

Among the gourmet e-liquids, the Full Vap team will be able to advise you according to your attraction for cheesecakes, pecan pies, waffles or the sweet memory of carnival praline peanuts. There are also the tasty pear-caramel e-liquids from Superdrip or the gourmet pistachio-whisky duo from Villa Boudoir. These e-liquids with sweet notes give you a sensation of absolute pleasure in the mouth. Vape your favorite gourmet e-liquid all year round with complete peace of mind!

Mint flavored e-liquids

If the sensation of intense freshness in the mouth is what you are looking for, menthol e-liquids will immediately transport you to the North Pole such as the iconic Subzero Shake ‘N’ Vape signed Halo, the Denver of Casa Del Vapor with spearmint and with coconut, or the award-winning Villa 31 – Villa Boudoir e-liquid from DMK Juices with an icy mint taste. The Villa Boudoir range is also synonymous with party-style e-liquid drinks.

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Drink e-liquids

Vapers can savor the well-loved Grand Cru Rosé – Villa Boudoir e-liquid, a sparkling red fruit drink handcrafted in the north of France. In the Full Vap stores in Cysoing, Villeneuve-d’Ascq and Wasquehal, especially on the online store, you will find alongside Villa Boudoir, the Strawberry Bikini by Dinner Lady, the e-liquid mojito from the islands of Liquidarom and other flavors and quality brands for a pleasant moment of vape.

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